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  • Ian

    Wow, so conflicted on this one. One of my favorite entertainers w/celebrity that I consider to be very annoying. To watch or not to watch…

  • Lefty

    OMG Anderson Cooper is in London!?

  • Clint

    OMG they look fucking hot…

  • Electro

    Anderson Cooper = “sex on legs” (I’m 20 years old and even I find him sexy)
    Gaga = fierce!

    Sadly I heard this interview will not be aired until February. I’m so excited to hear her new album, which will probably be released when this interview is aired.

  • declanto

    Even from London, A.C.heats the Gulf Stream enough to melt the glaciers in Norway. We’re Havin’ A Heatwave.

  • Kev C

    Rich kids can buy themselves more than 15 minutes of fame.

  • reed

    lady gaga would be the coolest grandmother ever.

  • Michael

    I’m pretty sure she just did Larry King, but honestly, I do not remember a thing she said.

  • jason

    This may well be a case of the closet case interviewing the fake gay advocate. My, how we’ve fallen….

  • curty

    @Ray: I saw ben :-).. he is handsome… nice to see they traveled together overseas for the interview

  • Kevin

    I want AC’s jeans. No, seriously. Someone let me know where to find a pair and what ‘fit’ it’s called. I suck at these things, unfortunately.

  • tallskin2

    Does Anderson Cooper have a slave boy to polish his shoes? Cos they are very shiny.

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