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Andrew Rannells has a test to tell a good gay character from a bad one. Here’s how…

Rannells in ‘Girls’
“You know what the Bechdel test is? So if there’s a female character in a film or television show, what is her storyline? Does she actually have her own point of view and her own voice? Or does every scene relate back to the male lead? I apply that a lot to gay characters as I read scripts, because I think it’s a good way to figure out: is this just supposed to be like a punchline? Or is he a human? Does he have a life? You can only do so much as an actor sometimes to flesh things out, and it really has to be in the writing. I feel like Invincible does a really great job of doing both, of making sure that character has a solid arc on his own, and he doesn’t necessarily just relate back to the lead character.”–Actor Andrew Rannells, explaining to MSN how to tell a well-written gay character from a bad one. Rannells, star of Big Mouth and The Prom, will voice a gay character on the forthcoming animated series Invincible.