Anglican Bishop Defends Appointment Of Gay Priest To Rural Australia Post

The American Anglican Church is the first historical sect of Christianity to say okay to the consecration of gay bishops, as a new documentary called Love Free Or Die, which we caught at Sundance, shows.

But the Church’s counterparts in the UK and in Australia seem to be having a little bit of trouble catching up.

ABC Gippsland reports that Bishop John McIntyre, who assigned openly gay priest to a rural part of Victoria, Australia called Heyfield, is now defending his decision to assign the gay priest. Said McIntyre:

“If they think that I have acted against the Lambeth resolution [an Anglican diktat that banned gay priests], they need to think again, because I didn’t actually ordain this man. He was ordained over 30 years ago in the diocese of Melbourne.

“For the last nearly ten years, David has been a priest in a parish in the diocese of Melbourne where, when he was inducted into that parish the bishop of the day welcomed not only him, but his partner Mark into the life of the parish and the people of that parish were well aware that David was in that relationship, living in the vicarage of that parish.

“I see myself simply as having appointed to a position in this diocese a person who was, to use the formal language, ‘a priest in good standing in his previous diocese.’ To that extent I don’t see myself as having acted against either the Lambeth statement, nor do I see myself as having acted against a resolution of the general synod of our national church here in Australia.”

You tell ’em, Johnny boy!