Anna Nicole’s Former Lesbian Lover Comes Out As Anna Nicole’s Former Lesbian Lover

Anna Nicole Smith may have liked her men, but let’s not forget she got down with the ladies. And one lady, Sandi Powledge, says that she and the late bomb shell had an affair to remember.

It all started way back in the 20th century – in 1991, to be exact – when fate brought them together at a Texas gay bar. From that moment on, Powledge says, the women became inseparable: going on dates, dyking it up and falling in love: the thing Powledge (and others) say Smith wanted most, “She was just hungry for love, hungry for approval – just like a bucket with a hole in the bottom.” Funny, we think she’s been described that way before, only in a different context.

It seems Smith and Powledge fell so deep in love, in fact, that they apparently had a “commitment” ceremony. Powledge may have flaunted her ring finger, but it seems Smith chose to keep things quiet. The Houston Chronicle reports:

Powledge recalls their first year together as one filled with happiness. The two exchanged vows of commitment on the diving board at Smith’s home in Spring, and Smith gave Powledge a diamond ring. Smith avoided wearing a ring herself because of the questions it might raise, Powledge said.

It may have been all sunshine and labia-pops, but things changed when Smith posed for Playboy. Within a few months the traveling, fame and opportunity took a toll on their relationship. More than that, Smith apparently couldn’t keep it in her pants. Or, rather, couldn’t get men to keep it in their pants. While carrying on with the gents, Smith insisted Powledge stay put:

But Smith was incapable of monogamy. She was bisexual, not exclusively lesbian, Powledge said – and Powledge would soon discover evidence that Smith had been with others, finding photographs of her with men.

Still, Smith expected exclusivity from Powledge and gave her a pager and cellular phone so they could remain in constant contact even while Smith was out of town.

“She told me, ‘I’d better not hear music in the background when I call you.’ She didn’t want me at a club with my friends when she’s going off doing her thing,” Powledge said.

Smith’s infidelity became a source of fights. Smith’s aunt, Elaine Tabers, who along with her husband lived with their famous niece at the ranch in the Cypress-Rosehill area, would often persuade Powledge to make peace.

“Elaine would always tell me, ‘Don’t say anything. If you love her, leave it as it is,’ ” Powledge recalled. “She’d tell me to hang on and work this out.”

WIthin months the relationship came to an abrupt end. Though Smith and Powledge never spoke again, Powledge watched from a far, wondering why Smith couldn’t find the love she needed. For our parts, we think it’s because she took too many pills, but it could have also been the fact that people were constantly picking at her like vultures. Even in death…