thou shalt not

Anne Rice Ditches Christianity Because, Have You Heard, It’s So Anti-Gay?

Anne Rice, the best-selling author and mother to gay mystery novelist Christopher Rice, is quitting Christianity, she announced on Facebook. But why?

Because after 10 years of trying, she can’t reconcile being a Christian and being anti-gay (and anti-a-lot-of-everything), which so often the faith calls for. You know, because she loves her son more than Jesus.

Rice famously swapped out vampire writing for stories about angels and god after becoming more invested in Christianity, saying, “The day to day differences in my life now that I am writing for the Lord are that I am consumed only with research and other fiction that will be of help to me with this vocation. I simply give no time to other themes. —- I consecrate each day to Christ, I try to remind myself to love each and every person I encounter, to hurt no one, to embrace all, and to use my imagination for novels which will reflect and even put forth my Christian principles and beliefs.”

No more of that.