Annise Parker’s Anti-Gay Flyer Creator Dave Wilson Is Now Running For … Elected Office

Because, after Annise Parker’s mayoral election, Houston is now Ground Zero for GAYS IN OFFICE, we’re actually paying attention to the local political scene there. Which might one day soon include Dave Wilson, the very same electrician who sent out anti-gay flyers attacking Parker during her campaign. Oh this is good!

Not only is Wilson pining to join the political architecture that Parker now heads, he’s trying to do so as a Democrat. Which is funny, because Wilson has voted in eight GOP primary elections, and never a Democratic one.

Now, Wilson — who enjoys a reputation of being a local anti-gay terror — wants to be commissioner for Harris County Precinct 4, a seat currently held by Jerry Eversole (who Wilson actually hosted a fundraising event for), who Wilson believes will resign, courtesy a FBI corruption investigation. And he’s going about it in all sorts of scandalous ways:

Harris County Democratic Party Gerry Birnberg accused Wilson and the Republican Party of fraud. Not only is Wilson not a Democrat, Birnberg said, but the candidate sent a representative who signed in as Wilson and allowed himself to be introduced as Wilson to a roomful of applauding Democrats.

Birnberg said he did not realize when Wilson’s representative filed his candidacy papers that it was the same Wilson who sent out 35,000 fliers in November opposing Annise Parker for mayor, in part, because of her sexual orientation.

“We would have recruited a placeholder so we could keep this charlatan out of the race,” Birnberg said.

He said local Republicans should be ashamed to “stoop to such fraudulent chicanery.”

Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill said, “We had absolutely nothing to do with it.”

[…] Wilson said he did not decide until minutes before Monday’s 6 p.m. filing deadline which primary to enter. He reported to the Republican headquarters, where he found Koenning and former City Council member Toni Lawrence, both of whom said last year they would run for the seat if Eversole retired.

If Lawrence or Koenning had filed in the Republican primary, Wilson said, he would have joined the race to prevent a scenario in which Eversole resigned to move aside for Koenning or Lawrence.

Meanwhile, Wilson dispatched his treasurer to Democratic Party headquarters. Just minutes before the deadline, after determining that no one else was filing as a Republican, Wilson instructed his treasurer to enter him in the Democratic primary.

Ballsy! Which, c’mon, you have to respect. But also: Wilson is a grade-A douchebag, and now that he’s running for political office, he’s no longer a private person, so you can say all sorts of nasty things about him. Including: “Is this the image Houston wants to portray?”

Maybe Wilson’s campaign slogan will be this great one-liner: “I basically feel that any society that embraces homosexual behavior is a society doomed for extinction.”