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Annual “Speedo Hike” Cancelled So Overweight People Won’t Be Offended


Some bad news for you. Every year, member of Claremont College’s outdoors club On The Loose (OTL) gather together in swim briefs and bikinis to take part in a strenuous “Speedo Hike” up California’s Mount Baldy. But not so fast, Lycra lover.

According to Heat Street, this annual tradition has been unceremoniously dropped due to students’ fear that the event simply isn’t inclusive enough.

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In fact, the whole brouhaha might even be a bit too “bro-centric” for their taste — though Speedos and bros don’t exactly equate in our minds, we must admit.

This distressing news comes by way of the club’s Facebook page, via a post explaining that the group wants to be a “more open and inclusive space.”

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They feel the event’s very existence “unintentionally sent the message that to participate in OTL, you must be fit and comfortable with your body image.”

The name ‘Speedo’ itself inherently implies bro-iness. OTL is so much more than just that, but many potentially interested students get turned off to our club each year because of Speedo Hike.”

They also make the (fair enough) assertion that corralling more than a hundred half-naked people to stampede up a 10,000-foot mountain might be an idea worth doing away with altogether.

Talking to the Collage Fix, one student sounds upset about the cancellation and finds it “completely unnecessary.”

He thinks that if the club “wants to cater to out-of-shape, non-outdoorsy students, perhaps they should consider starting a different club.”

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On the other hand, who’s saying people who weigh on the heavier side are naturally adverse to Speedos in the first place?

Here’s the entire post: