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  • KJ

    If we condone the acts of “hacktivists,” we have no moral grounds to protest when such tactics are used on us, or those we support. If there is a legal need to access the information, as was alleged in the Palin event, then there are legal ways to access that information.

    I trust we still are a nation of laws and do not just operate on what hurts our political adversaries and makes us feel good. Count me out!

  • JJJJ

    Could you imagine if “hacktivists” were going after Obama or Biden? The Left would be screaming its heads off about Nazi tactics. What’s fair is fair. Hackers are criminal scumbags.

  • mark


  • Tara

    Hackers are no more criminals than anyone else. Free access to information is the real hacker creed. Nice to see that we gays can still be lead by the media to demonize others just like good little sheep.

  • KJ

    Consistently applying the right of privacy is rule of law, and much more nuanced than sheep following, but good to know that all of your communications, and of those that receive your political support, are free for the taking, Tara.

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