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Another NYC Nightlife Site Is Trying to Steal Next‘s Bread+Butta


The war for New York City’s gay nightlife listing’s crown continues. While Next maintains the crown, we’re hearing whispers that its new acquisition, HX, may relaunch on its own. That, and Tom and Abi’s indie start-up Gay Letter has been reaching a steady audience since we told you about it in August. And now here comes Anti Twink.

Now, lest you think Anti Twink means the site is only for bears, jocks, and daddies, proprietor Ernie Cote wants to eschew any notion that his site isn’t for everyone. In fact, it’s sort of for twinks: “Now before anyone gets mad, let’s just get it out of the way- we here at actually really love all you twinks. It’s a different concept entirely. We’re not Anti anything really, and we’re just out to have a good time. Really it’s just a bunch of young skinny gay guys that have death metal on their iPods instead of Britney. So we’re more like the twink version of the antichrist. We look all sweet and innocent- but inside we’re really more like a moshpit.”

Broken down by neighborhood and calendar dates, Anti Twink lists the latest regular parties and one-off events that might otherwise slip your radar. (Oh, there are some regular columns, too.) That means parties like Tubway, Malebox, and Manwich are all there. And yes, even Apocalypse, every Tuesday at Eastern Bloc, when you and 50 other guys crowded into a sweat lodge can try to score glimpses of suddenly famous co-owner Benjamin Maisani, boyfriend to Anderson Cooper.