Antarctica Officially Declared The World’s “First LGBT-Friendly Continent”


Planning a Honeymoon? Consider visiting Antarctica. Just be sure to pack your earmuffs.

The snowy continent, known for it’s subzero temperatures, extreme wind, parading penguins and rapidly melting ice caps, was just declared “the world’s first LGBT-friendly continent.”

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Planting Peace, the non-profit LGBT advocacy organization perhaps best known for building the rainbow-colored Equality House directly across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church headquarters in Topeka, KS, made the official declaration after trekking across the southernmost continent carrying a rainbow flag.

“I traveled to Antarctica to play a role in spreading visibility for the need for basic human rights for the LGBT community,”Aaron Jackson, president of Planting Peace, says. “It was an honor to carry the Pride flag throughout Antarctica, and Planting Peace will not stop fighting for LGBT rights until all sexual and gender minorities experience full, fundamental rights in every corner of the world.”

Sounds good to us!

Now, where do we book our hotel room?

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h/t: The Huffington Post

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  • onthemark

    But finding a match on Grindr is tough there.

  • David Harlem

    Back my ear muffs? I was thinking of just bringing a muscular dude with big hairy thighs…best ear muffs ever!

  • Pablito Belanger

    Did you see this, Vincent Zeteliano?What did you do?!??

  • David Schneider

    This is such an idiot declaration and article. Surely there are real news stories to cover.

  • Glücklich

    I would totally go to Antarctica for one of those day-excursions from a cruise or something.

    @David Harlem:
    Sounds good to me!

    @David Schneider:
    And yet you took time from your busy, meaningful day to read and comment. “Real news” can be found at any of the myriad “real news” sites just a mouse-click away.

  • Louis Goodrich

    I hereby declare the moon lgbt friendly. And Uranus, too. :D

  • Paul Ditz

    Perhaps we could have had somewhere more hospitable?

  • Major D. Easthagen III

    Doesn’t Russia have a base there? I would imagine if so they would t agree.

  • Richard Holaday

    I would have thought that the Island of Lesbos would have been a better place to start ???

  • Cameron Rankine

    Yeah, no one there to harass anybody (except for scientists maybe but they are smart by putting current science first in things.

  • Baba Booey Fafa Fooey


  • Roee Moshe

    Are we being deported?

  • Trevor McGee

    Don’t the Russians have a say in this?

  • Douglas Cammarota

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i ve been there dlas

  • GayEGO

    We will go to the ends of the Earth to promote our equality!

  • robho3

    Antarctica — not on my top list of places I want to visit

  • RIGay

    @Paul Ditz: Well, at the rate the planet is going, this might just be the ONLY place that is hospitable towards the LGBT community.

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