Meanwhile, Politicos Honored For Pro-Gay Ways

Anthony Priddis “Bigot Of The Year”

It’s a big day for Catholic Bshop Anthony Priddis. The British Bible-lover won the decidedly disgraceful “Bigot Of The Year” award at last night’s Stonewall Awards:

In a night of mixed awards, the Rt Rev Anthony Priddis, the 104th Bishop of Hereford, was named bigot of the year by Stonewall. An employment tribunal in Cardiff in April heard how youth worker John Reaney, 42, was left feeling humiliated after a two-hour interview during which the bishop grilled him about a previous gay relationship. The tribunal decided Mr Reaney had been a victim of unfair dismissal and awarded damages against the Church of England.

The awards weren’t simply about blasting Priddis’ nasty past, of course. The British Stonewall foundation honored politicos Alan Johnson and Angela Eagle. Meanwhile, the “Hero of the Year” award went to Antony Grey for his work against the nation’s since discarded anti-gay laws.

Congratulations to all! Except you, Priddis, you prick.

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