Anti-Gay Attitudes Blamed For Developer’s Withdrawal

Did Tasmanian homophobia force real estate developer Stephen Roche to abandon his resort plans? It depends on who you ask.

Roche began building in Penguin, Tasmania, last year and hoped to create an idyllic vacation spot an hour away from Melbourne. Some Penguin residents objected, however, and insisted that Roche’s plans would lead to an infusion of “gay Sydney men,” the most fearsome of all gays. Kidding aside, the town’s reaction took an especially ugly turn as Roche received death threats and once found a dead wallaby nailed to his door. Not cute.

Now, as you’ve gathered, Roche has ditched his dream. Gay rights activist pinned the blame on Tasmania’s “old, dominant homophobic culture that reigns supreme and unopposed.”

Roche, however, claims otherwise: “…I don’t feel as though I’ve been pushed out at all. It’s a very small minority that have had any sort of homophobic prejudice. Tassie’s probably got a way to go with acceptance of gay people.”

And, of course, wallabies! What kind of monster could kill such a sweet-faced little creature?