Anti-Gay Bully Stats. Blow Minds

There’s always some new report out about anti-gay bullying, but a new UK Stonewall report may provide the most startling numbers yet:

Sixty-five per cent of lesbian and gay school pupils have been bullied because of their sexuality, a survey has found.

Half of teachers ignore homophobic language when they hear it and the 30 per cent of the kids say adults at their school are responsible for the bullying.

Stonewall, which wrote the survey, says this means that of current secondary school pupils, 143,000 children have suffered from anti-gay name-calling, 64,000 have been physically attacked and 26,000 have had death-threats.

Those astonishingly high – and equally unbelievable – numbers are estimates based on a tally of 1,145 students.

Regardless of their accuracy, the news that 30% of the guppies claim teachers bully makes one reconsider home schooling.