Anti-Gay John Boehner Supporting Gay GOP Candidate Richard Tisei

Rather than having to look at Democrat Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass) for one more term, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is backing openly gay Republican candidate Richard Tisei, despite Boehner’s efforts to undermine and combat LGBT rights.

Boehner—an active defender of the Defense of Marriage Act and an opponent of both the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell—spent Tuesday morning raising funds for Tisei, according to the Huffington Post.

Tisei, for his part, doesn’t seem to mind Boehner’s support, even though the two probably wouldn’t be caught dead talking to each other in any other circumstance.

“The Speaker understands that he and I do not agree on absolutely everything, and that I will often be a voice of independent leadership — particularly if it is not in the interests of the Sixth District,” Tisei said. “I look forward to working with the Speaker as a voice of reason and moderation in Congress to help solve our nation’s problems.”

Boehner’s campaign spokesperson, Cory Fritz, also acknowledged that the two are basically doing this to keep Tierney from getting re-elected.

“While they don’t agree on every issue, Richard and the Speaker respect one another, and we expect Richard will be a strong, independent voice for his Massachusetts constituents that want a new approach to help create jobs and prosperity,” Fritz said in a statement.

Isn’t it nice when two people can put aside trifle differences – like one not recognizing the other’s right to exist – for the sake of the greater GOP good?

Also reaching across the gay aisle is Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass) who is supporting Tierney over Tisei, as he claims the latter will set back the fight for gay rights.

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  • 2eo

    They acknowledge our existence, they just want us dead or reduced to subhuman servitude. The sad thing is that so many in our community keep thinking these parasites can be appeased, they want us dead, there is no middle ground, they just want us gone.

    Sadly the issue is exactly that clear cut.

  • BJ McFrisky

    I’m confused if the author intended to say “opponent” or “proponent” for DOMA, ENDA, DADT. “Opponent,” as stated, means Boehner’s against these measures, which means he’s pro-gay, and I can’t imagine Queerty tooting the horn of any Republican, be he pro-gay or otherwise.
    And as far as Mr. Tisei goes, we all know that all gay Republicans are self-hating Uncle-Tom-Jewish-Nazi-female-misogynists who only live to please their masters. Or, at least, that’s what I’ve learned from the many academics on this site.
    @2eo: I know a lot of Republicans, and interestingly enough, not a one of them has ever expressed a desire to see me dead, or gone, or even slightly unhappy. Thankfully, the issue is exactly that clear-cut. Poke your head outside your bubble sometime, you’ll see what I mean. Life outside the walls of liberal ideology and political correctness is fucking aw-haw-haw-some.

  • MK Ultra

    Boehner has had a ex with men. I’m sure of it.
    Hopefully, in the near future, we,ll catch him with his pants down, so to speak

  • MK Ultra

    Boehner has had a sex with men. I’m sure of it.
    Hopefully, in the near future, we,ll catch him with his pants down, so to speak

  • 4Real

    Weather or not Mr. Boner Im mean Boehner supports the GOP candidate or not is just one link in the long chain of hypocrisy that the GOP seems to inshrine in their plat form right along with stoping a woman’s right to chose and marriage equality. This is election is too close to call and the GET OUT THE VOTE needs to happen.

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