Anti-Gay OH Vandals Nice Enough To Spray Paint Smiley Face On Victims’ Home

THE SHOT – Graffiti left by vandals on the garage door of Grove City, Ohio couple David Robins and his partner, Michael. The vandals also defaced their home and fence. Robins said, “It’s extremely disappointing. Nine years we’ve lived here and not a problem. Now, all of a sudden this happens. It makes me kind of wonder, I kind of feel like it needs to stay up to make a statement, but at the same time, I don’t want to disrupt the neighbors, the perception of the neighborhood, but I also feel like I don’t want to cover it up, either.” Police are investigating.

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  • Greg

    That’s an unusually lewd smiley face. The “artist” obviously has an interest in oral sex with guys.

  • Emily

    I think their neighbours should have a re-painting party and cover it for them. Or, everyone on the street should paint the queer positive rainbow symbol on their garage doors in solidarity.

  • Hephaestion

    Leave it up forever. And the neighbors need to spray paint the same thing on all of their homes and leave it up. That would be like the city in Montana that responded to anti-Semitism by having every home light a menorah in the window.

  • Jonny

    I’d leave it up and paint underneath it “And PROUD”. Maybe add a rainbow flag too.

  • Kev C


    German anarchists did it.

  • Phil

    I was wondering about that “A” too. Also, it’s probably just dumb kids. They probably aren’t homophobic, just, y’know, dumb kids doing bad things because they want to be cool dumb kids.

  • Jack in the Country

    @Phil: Don’t be nice. I wouldn’t say it is “probably” anything. Adults are just as vicious. From what we know, it is someone horrible and indeed homophobic for using the slur “fag”.

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