Antigay Group Gets the Musical Star They Deserve In Z-Lister Erik Estrada

You could be forgiven for saying “who?” when you hear the name Liberty Counsel, and then “who?” again at the name Erik Estrada. But don’t worry, Mr. Owl, we’re here to clear things up for you.

The situation is this: Liberty Counsel, a group of lawyers who use Jesus as an excuse to do antigay lawyer stuff, went and made a movie. It’s a bunch of “help, help, we’re being oppressed” nonsense about how schools are so mean to Christians, and take away all their Jesuses. The star is Erik Estrada, a ’70s star last seen selling infomercial swampland in Florida. Great work, everyone.

Why are a bunch of lawyers making a movie about high school glee clubs? Eh, who knows. We’re just glad someone’s churning out new content for Everything is Terrible.

Here’s the crazy part: judging from the trailer, the movie’s all about how the school cuts the drama club and choir program, and then the kids start their own arts club. So, in anyone else’s hands, this would be a super-gay movie. How could you make a non-queer film about drama and choir, right?

We are desperately curious about how Liberty Counsel has handled the inherent gayness of the arts — we assume they’ve erased gays altogether from the story, but who knows — maybe we’re depicted as a horrible caricature. After all, these are the people who submitted a Supreme Court brief in favor of jail time for gays. The group’s founder is Mathew Staver, whose greatest hits include calling for an “American Revolution” to fight marriage equality, and accusing Obama of being a “sexual anarchist,” lol.

The movie drops in January, so we’ll just have to live in suspense until then.

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  • Kenover

    “C’mon kids! Let’s put on a show…with a wise old black woman and a washed-up TV actor!”

    I smell ABC After-School Special!

  • Kirk

    Used to think that Erik was hot- Oh well, fantasies die as you age. However, free speech and rights are a double edged sword. They have just as much of a right to be idiots as we do. As long as we RESPECT each other than it is a win/win situation. At least they had some good looking boys in the movie!
    Remember-RESPECT above all.

  • Camsean01

    I used to love C.H.i.Ps. Poir old Eric. He used to be hawt! But now he is just a bigot.

  • 2eo

    The stars just keep on coming.

    “Just WHICH background extra from the 23rd Godzilla film will be singing about Uganda next week?… find out at the Liberty Council”

  • jimbryant

    I used to think Erik Estrada was hot but, in retrospect, his blonde co-star in CHIPS was hotter. Whatever happened to this blonde hunk?

  • Anne J. Pine

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