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Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz Warns America’s Catholics: Gay Marriage Is The New Roe v. Wade

With New York’s Archbishop Timothy Dolan elected president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Kentucky’s Archbishop Joseph E. Kurtz isn’t about to let a colleague steal all the homophobic glory. Which is why he delivered a rousing speech to fellow bishops this week about how gay marriage is the new abortion.

Catholics must have the foresight to see how legalizing same-sex marriage is the same awful stain on America that Roe v. Wade is, Kurtz told his Baltimore audience at the church’s annual fall meeting. Kurtz, who is chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Defense of Marriage, claims “today is like 1970 for marriage.” That is: “If you had seen Roe v. Wade coming three years out, what would you have done differently?”


Kurtz is totally right. The various marriage lawsuits snaking their way through the courts — Perry V. Schwarzenegger, Gill V. OPM — are about to flip a giant middle finger to the Catholic Church’s definition of morality. And all Kurtz can do is send out DVDs: Some 4,500 copies of the pro-discrimination disc Made for Each Other have made their way around the country. But be forewarned, Kurtz: Marriage DVDs have a tendency to end up completely unwatchable when they’re turned into sculptures.