Dustin Lance Lemon?

Are Don Lemon and Dustin Lance Black Really Doing It?

According to MediaTakeOut, “the most visited urban website in the world,” Dustin Lance Black and Don Lemon are an item. Besides claiming a tipster caught the two “boyfriends” out on a date, the site insists that it’s the screenwriter who’s “plowing” the CNN anchor.

Though MediaTakeOut’s posts about gay celebrities or celebs with debatable sexualities are often soaked in homophobia or laced with general ignorance about the LGBT community, this one is at least supportive of Lemon’s sexuality—even if it does make the brazen assumption that two gays together = boyfriends. And “plowing”? Come on! Isn’t sort of a insider term, so to speak?

When you’re done dreaming about what could potentially be the hottest high-profile gay interracial couple in the country, check out the comments on the original post from some of MediaTakeOut’s readers.

Besides the to-be-expected comments like, “I can’t believe that two handsome guys like that turn their backs on women, so sad,” there are a few hilarious gems such as:

“chile boo, he’s not even cute! Some blacks just think being with snow bunny is right no matter how busted they are.”

“don’t get it twisted. Don is the one smashing those pale backs LOL”

Image via MediaTakeOut

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  • Joseph

    I thought Don Lemon had a boyfriend already?

  • Interesting

    I also thought Lemon had a bf of several years too. I suppose he could be doing the “now that I am famous ” I am going to dump my current relationship approach, but this is unstated here so I am a little confused.

  • Jeff

    Poor Don Lemon, he’s with a nellie queen Mormon like Dustin Lance Black. Don could do so much better than someone chocolate queen who wants him just because he’s famous and because he’s black and supposedly hung.

  • Chris

    This is kind of ridiculous. They were probably talking about J. Edgar Hoover. Just because they’re both gay doesn’t mean they can’t be in the same room together without being boyfriends.

  • William

    Don Lemon’s boyfriend is Ben Tinker A CNN producer

    Did some digging to figure that ish out

    Just google image “Aben Tinker”

    Really pretty couple; Good for Don (Even better for Ben ;) )

  • William

    ^^^ “Ben Tinker”**** I mean.

  • christopher di spirito

    At least Don Lemon is out and not araid of telling the world he’s gay. Unlike his CNN colleague, the cowardly Anderson Cooper, who remains tightly in the closet.

  • mrbrodybrown

    just to clarify my little lambs, I never said that Lemon and Black were together. I was just reporting on how humorous MediaTakeOut’s post was, and how silly it can be when non-gays think two gays hanging out automatically means they are boyfriends on a “gay date”…yes, as far as I know, Mr. Lemon is still dating Mr. Tinker.

  • scribe31

    @Isaac C: wtf is wrong wit you?

  • CBRad

    @mrbrodybrown: Yes, that IS kind of dumb. Like in the old days when it was assumed any two gay men who knew each other MUST be boyfriends (like Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors), especially because it was believed there were so few gays, and also that any two men with the gayness must automatically like each other that way.

  • PTB

    Don Lemon a gentleman. Don’t make assertions and repeat smut.

  • bagooka

    No way, I don’t believe it.

  • geoff

    @Jeff: Your ‘comment’ is not only offensive it is incredibly ignorant. Lemon is a reporter on a cable channel. Black is a noted screenwriter with an Academy Award. Please take your nellie chocolate bias bullshit and be gone.

  • geoff

    @CBRad: How do you know Jim Nabors and Rock Hudson knew each other?

  • BlogShag

    @Jeff: , yes and what are you, short, fat, white and ugly with a four inch dick?

  • Interesting

    @Jeff: Both Don and Dustin are good looking guys. Personally I like both nelly and masculine so I find your comment kind of offensive in that gay men should come in all types.

  • Interesting

    @Isaac C:Yeah, I am going to disagree. Lemon doesn’t seem to have a lot of racial hang ups. If you are basing that on the fact that he’s dating a white guy,t hat’s unfair. Let’s just be realistic about the statistical chances of having a career that keeps you busy and finding a man to date etc, and then trying to limit that further based on race. I have tried to do it. It doesn’t work. There are just not enough guys, even if you are attracted as I was to all races to limit myself like that. Gays make up 10 percent of the population with the best estimates. AAs make up a percentage of that 10 percent. that’s not going to get us a huge number of men from which to draw a dating pool.

  • Marcus

    I knew Don had to be a snow queen.Dustin is not even cute.

  • Wow

    Can you please delete these comments before some anti-gay bigot sees them? I am truly embarrassed by some of them.

  • geoff

    @shannon: Shame on you and shame on queerty for allowing this.

  • Chadboy

    Black shouldn’t be an Academy Award winning anything. MILK was written by Ron Nyswaner who went uncredited.

  • Interesting

    This site really needs moderation.

  • Interesting

    @Isaac C: I would continue this conversation, but since you are a nut job, the outcome is about the same as arguing with the crazy guy talking to himself on the subway train about the alien pod people.

  • geoff

    @Chadboy: Is that your opinion or do you have any facts?

  • Isaac C

    @Interesting: Conversation? What conversation? I was letting you know the case. No conversation took place.

  • CBRad

    @geoff: Oh…I introduced them..

  • geoff

    @CBRad: Sure, Betty. In what other fantasy world are you living. (careful, i’ve actually known t-bone since the 50’s)

  • billy


    he could do way better than dustin

  • fapfapfap

    I don’t care if they’re really involved but, fap fap fap….

  • Russell Lewis

    Sad that my first thought while reading the story was, how long will it take before the first comment about a Black man dating a White man. I see it only took to the third comment… and then it continued. Seems like we “get over” one prejudice, that of being gay and just find another one… race.

  • Interesting

    @Russell Lewis: well the comments are either from trolls or spams so not sure how much you can attribute them to gay people

  • Isaac C

    @Russell Lewis: Until gay black men stop trying to scoop up a white man every chance they get and stop hating themselves, it will continue.

  • Marcus

    @Isaac C: Amen to that to many black gay men hate themsevels .I can’t name any famous black gay man that has a black bf.It’s just sad.

  • macmantoo

    Now Now ladies pull those claws back in. We really have got to stop thinking of “black and white” and think go “gay”. I agree with “Interesting” and “WOW” we really need to have some tact in here. An “anti-gay” bigot would have a field day.

  • Heh

    There is a term for people who demand that people of a particular race date or refuse to date others of a particular race.

    It is called “racism.” If you’re a black LGBT person, you can’t complain of racial discrimination against yourself if you’re also willing to practice it in your own life.

  • Marcus

    I don’t think it’s racist for people to only date people who look like them

  • Bryan

    @Marcus: How many public out gay black men are they to begin with? You can’t judge on such a small sample.

  • Marcus

    True but why do all the pubic out black gay men have white boyfriends?

  • n900mixalot

    Media Takeout needs to be put out of business.

  • wingfield

    Some guys like similar features other guys like contrast. There are PLENTY of black guys who end up with black guys just as other races end up staying within their race. IT’S WHAT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND…. there is somebody out there for everybody. Sheesh is this 1920 or 2011, mixing is a beautiful thing.

  • Interesting

    @Marcus: The list of famous out people is small. The list of famous out people in an industry that doesn’t like people of color is even smaller. (a) Not only are the odds against one finding a man of color to date at a certain level who is out (b) the odds are even more against the industry accepting such men. If it happens, it will happen because the gay black guy is not known to have been dating a black man before becoming famous or he becomes famous, he comes out and he ends up dating a black person. I am just playing the odds here because that’s how I see it even as a professional black guy who is not famous.

  • Isaac C

    @Marcus: Because they need to do their best to imitate whites, and so they see having a white male partner as a trophy, and as a way to do that. They also simply aren’t attracted to or interested in their own kind. It’s truly pathetic and just proves how self-hating these blacks are.

  • CBRad

    @Isaac C: I’m not so sure about that one, guy. Just from my own obervations. NYC always had some all-black gay bars so I have to assume a lot of them like each other. And don’t a lot of black gay men who like whites just….like whites? (Not through a self-hating thing). Now…Jews…that’s another story. NYC is full of rich Jewish gays (with that weird inferiority/superiority complex they get) who want a handsome athletic trophy gentile boyfriend, which is kind of…..yuck, all around (not that EVERY Jew/Gentile relationship is unhealthy, I’m not saying that).

  • MickW

    I guess the message for black gay youth is it only gets better if you have a white bf and abandon any black identity. It is so sad.

  • dan

    i think the real scandal is Black’s Bieber fo. No one born during the Nixon Administration should be sporting the hair of a teen heart throb.

  • Mykey

    why all the hate on black men dating other races, not just with gay but also the population at large! Nothing wrong with that and I find it really attractive (only for the genuine couples that is, not where one is in it only for financial benefit, usually the black guy)
    To add to that, I’ve met black guys who say they can only date outside their race, which is sad really! Am currently dating a south asian guy but I’ll date any race that comes by…

  • Rob Moore

    @geoff: I am a man of a certain age. I remember when Jim Nabors was quite a celebrity as was Rock Hudson. I remember reading in TV Guide or something that the two of them were friends. As supporting evidence here is a paragraph from Wikipedia in the article on Jim Nabors:

    “An urban legend states that Nabors married Rock Hudson in the 1970s. In fact the two were never more than friends. According to Hudson, the legend originated with a group of “middle-aged homosexuals who live in Huntington Beach” who sent out joke invitations for their annual get-together. One year, the group invited its members to witness “the marriage of Rock Hudson and Jim Nabors”, at which Hudson would take the surname of Nabors’ most famous character, Gomer Pyle, becoming “Rock Pyle”. Those who failed to get the joke spread the rumor. As a result, Nabors and Hudson were rarely if ever again seen in public with each other, out of fear that this would feed the false rumor.[53]”

  • BBellairs

    I’m late to this “discussion” but to go back to @Christopher Di Spirito, Anderson Cooper is most definitely NOT in the closet. It has been known for years he is gay, and he came out publicly about 2 years ago. Please get your facts correct.

  • friscoguy

    Is that a wig Dustin in wearing???

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