Dustin Lance Lemon?

Are Don Lemon and Dustin Lance Black Really Doing It?

According to MediaTakeOut, “the most visited urban website in the world,” Dustin Lance Black and Don Lemon are an item. Besides claiming a tipster caught the two “boyfriends” out on a date, the site insists that it’s the screenwriter who’s “plowing” the CNN anchor.

Though MediaTakeOut’s posts about gay celebrities or celebs with debatable sexualities are often soaked in homophobia or laced with general ignorance about the LGBT community, this one is at least supportive of Lemon’s sexuality—even if it does make the brazen assumption that two gays together = boyfriends. And “plowing”? Come on! Isn’t sort of a insider term, so to speak?

When you’re done dreaming about what could potentially be the hottest high-profile gay interracial couple in the country, check out the comments on the original post from some of MediaTakeOut’s readers.

Besides the to-be-expected comments like, “I can’t believe that two handsome guys like that turn their backs on women, so sad,” there are a few hilarious gems such as:

“chile boo, he’s not even cute! Some blacks just think being with snow bunny is right no matter how busted they are.”

“don’t get it twisted. Don is the one smashing those pale backs LOL”

Image via MediaTakeOut