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Are Rhode Island’s Lawmakers Preparing to Ditch Gay Marriage For Second-Class Civil Unions?


Like any group of lawmakers who turn themselves into pussies the second any hint of doing what’s right gets in the way of getting re-elected, Rhode Island’s state legislators who once seemed gung-ho about legalizing gay marriage are now turning to the possibility of only giving gays civil unions. But these civil unions wouldn’t just be for homosexuals: they’d be for anyone who cannot legally marry. Which means marriage would remain the strict territory of heteros, while gays (and elderly siblings, cousins, and neighbors who want to share property or health insurance) would be eligible for civil unions. Because what gay couples need is the same legal recognition that a son could enter in with his mother. Meanwhile, Gov. Lincoln Chafee made gay marriage one of his core issues after being elected, and Democratic lawmakers (including the gay ones) have backed the effort.

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  • rk

    Fascinating that the proposed civil union bill would permit civil unions between relatives or friends. Although likely fueled by homophobia, it would be perhaps a more radical victory by allowing greater freedom in defining one’s family.

  • The sane Francis

    Civil unions aren’t marriage, and this is nothing more that political weakness, once again, shown by the same legislators who say they have our backs but cower when the going gets tough. Even in states like Maryland and Rhode Island where there is a majority who support marriage equality. It’s only going to happen through the courts so honestly I’m not even batting an eyelash past the fact there is still disgusting discriminatory bigotry that these people find is acceptable to pursue against our community.

  • Shazzer

    I had no idea Rhode Island looked so much like Indiana…if it’s hair were falling out.

  • Pete

    R I lawmakers are crumbling under a huge $$$campaign by the Catholic Church. Heck, elections aren’t for 19 months, the voters won’t care then.

  • It Gets Better... If You Shoot a Gay Democrat

    Any faggot who thinks that the Democrats are on our side deserves to be shot right between the fucking eyes. You can fuck yourself over and stop fighting for YOUR rights, but you have no right to drag the rest of us down with you.

  • Schteve

    @rk: They aren’t civil unions, and the contract would only grant about a dozen rights. Hardly a radical victory.

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