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  • David

    They already have three women from the original cast?

  • DJ

    Are you kidding me?! No women! How about more hot man candy instead?

  • DJ

    @David: bahaha so true!

  • hephaestion

    They need to quit calling this show “The A List.” I’ve seen more A-List people at homeless shelters than on this show. It would be flattery to call these guys “C List.”

    I wonder who they had to fuck to get their useless asses on this dumb show?

  • Matt Smith

    LOGO has always had a problem with gay men – they hate us. The network ran several series featuring a sexy all lesbian cast but they have always thought that the networks mission was to show that gay men are not the center of the LGBT universe – unless of course you are trying to sell ads – they also are eager to have more straight women watch – kinda like if B.E.T. chose to white it up to gain white viewers – just gay men is not good enough – keep in mind on a good night the network viewers total fewer than 30K according to published reports – an all gay male road rules – nope – an all gay male house full of cute boys – nope – the Indigo Girls in concert YEAH BABY! Show it 500 times!

  • Devon

    Damn, that Derek chick is gonna be crushed when she finds out they’re replacing her.

  • lemon-lime

    I hang out with my lesbian friends all the time…

  • Cam

    Wow, they’re actually looking for somebody with a sucessful career….they’re not going to have anything in common with the other cast members except for Mike Ruiz.

  • Jeffree

    @Cam: Any woman with a successful career would be smart enough to steer clear of these wanna-be’s! Plus she’d prob be too busy with real friends to hang out & drink cosmos until 3:00 a.m.!

  • justiceontherocks

    I love the “are you one of the millions who couldn’t get enough …” Talk about wishful thinking. Try hundreds.

  • divkid

    queerty: “Or are they looking for a gay woman, intent on perpetuating another myth: that gay men and lesbians actually hang out together.”

    ALL my *gay* friends are lesbians (gay men are merely rivals or prey)
    picture me as a colonel gaddafi (sans camp outfits) with my crack troop of female body guards who can:
    kick ass.
    operate a power tool.
    take care of a cat in an emergency.

    now, if only i could find all that in a man…
    (oh, and, um, a 12 inch dick.)
    jeez, now that’s not asking too much is it?
    no, thought not.

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