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This artist has photographed over 200 naked men to promote acceptance and fight homophobia

Tiberiu C?pudean is a photographer from Romania. In his latest project, N•A•K•E•D, he’s challenging homophobia, showcasing diversity, and promoting male body positivity.

“Romania is a highly homophobic country,” C?pudean tells Gay Star News. “There’s still a lot of prejudice, discrimination and violence. And while in Bucharest and a few larger cities there are some minor improvements, in the rural areas it’s quite dangerous being out.”

Romania currently doesn’t recognize same-sex unions, not even marriages conducted abroad. And religion maintains strong grip over societal attitudes and policy.

“The politicians that rule my country are hand in hand with the Romanian Orthodox Church,” says C?pudean.

He hopes his work might help change that.

“I strongly believe that the LGBTQ community needs more visibility,” C?pudean says. “Therefore, N•A•K•E•D emerged from this need and from my desire to help those who are not part of a sexual minority to understand us.”

He continues: “Fighting against homophobia was the main reason for my project. But there are other criteria based on which people are discriminated against: racism, xenophobia, body shaming, ageism, stereotyping, etc.”

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h/t: Gay Star News