Artist Vomits On Lady Gaga’s Chest During SXSW Performance

lady-gaga-sxsw-650-430Perhaps this young lady providing onstage entertainment during Lady Gaga’s set at SXSW last night heard the Born This Way Foundation spent $808,661 on “other” in 2012, because she vomited, multiple times, directly onto Mother Monster’s chest during a performance of “Swine”.

Or perhaps this is just a rousing form of #ARTPOP. Pop culture was in art, now art’s in pop culture in this vomit all over my breasts, or something like that.

The intentionally unkempt 27-year-old artist displayed this performance art on the Doritos #BoldStage after arriving at the interactive festival in an outfit made entirely of coffee filters. As you can see in the video below, the literally vomit-inducing part of the performance was a staged event (not like this one), during which another artist shoved her own fingers down her throat and regurgitated a green substance.

Afterward, both artists rode a mechanical bull together. For a full review of Gaga’s set, which has actually been received pretty well, head on over to Billboard.


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  • Apparatus

    Insert metaphor. The downward spiral continues. Sigh.

    She needs to just go away for a few years, drop the ego, collaborate with some of the best producers in the biz, and put out an addictive catchy pop album again.

    And for god’s sake, hire a manager again that can keep her on track.

  • redcarpet

    My god, I love Lady Gaga but I’m having a hard time not seeing this as a a desperate grab for attention (as opposed to just a regular grab for attention). Even by Gaga standards this is weird and off putting.

    I think she’s crawled way to far into this “Because Art!” BS. Sometimes something shocking and disgusting is just shocking and disgusting, not “ART”.

  • boring

    This is fucking awesome.

    I can’t wait until she pulls a full G.G. and just throws literal shit into an audience.

  • Geoff B

    Somehow, I get the feeling Miley Cyrus is kicking herself for not coming up with it first.

  • Allen D.

    And the world yawns.

    Pathetic, as usual.

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