As Scientists Find Aggressive New HIV Strain, Others Discover Potential Cure

800px-HIV-budding-ColorResearchers at Lund University in Sweden have identified a recombinant strain of HIV—meaning it’s a cross of two previously identified strains—that develops into AIDS in roughly 5 years. Most other strains of HIV take closer to eight years to progress to AIDS.

In an article for the Journal of Infectious Disease, researchers identify the new strain of HIV as A3/02. It is concentrated in West Africa, but there is concern that similar recombinant strains could spread internationally. A3/02 is not necessarily the fastest progressing strain of HIV.

As Professor Phalguni Gupta of the Pittsburgh School of Graduate Health told ABC News, “There are some HIV types here in the United States that take as little as two years to develop into AIDS.”

Still, researchers are monitoring A3/02 closely. They want to see, among other things, if the new strain transmits more easily than other strains.

Meanwhile, there’s more hopeful news coming from the other side of the Atlantic. Researchers at New York’s Yeshiva University announced that they have had success in treating HIV with radioimmunotherapy (RIT), a well-known cancer treatment. In laboratory tests, researchers tested RIT on blood samples from people who receive highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART).

HAART is used to treat nearly 9 million HIV+ people worldwide. It prevents the virus from multiplying in the bloodstream, but it does not kill the infected cells. The research out of Yeshiva indicates that RIT, when used in conjunction with HAART, could successfully target infected immune cells without harming healthy cells in the process. In other words, it could do more than just slow the virus; it could eradicate it completely.

Project leader Dr. Ekaterina Dadachova explained in a press release, “We found that radioimmunotherapy could kill HIV-infected cells both in blood samples that received antiretroviral treatment and within the central nervous system, demonstrating RIT offers real potential for being developed into an HIV cure.”

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  • viveutvivas

    Oh please, stop announcing potential cures every time somebody kills a virus in the test tube. That probably happens just about 20 times a year.

  • jimbryant

    There are recombinant viruses all the time. Nothing new.

  • MikeE

    How come there are no pictures of Nick Gruber?

  • Dxley

    I don’t know why I find @MikeE’s comment hilarious

  • jimbryant

    Millions of men perform bareback anal on their wives every night of the week across the world. Why aren’t THEY getting HIV? Answer: because they are doing it only with one faithful partner. Gay men could learn from heterosexuals.

    Some gay men tend to treat their anal passage as a high-traffic highway where anyone – including total strangers – can enter and park. THIS is why you are getting HIV.

    HIV has got NOTHING to do with being gay but EVERYTHING to do with being sleazeballs who will have sex with many total strangers. Learn to behave properly and you might stop getting HIV.

    Face it – a lot of you see gay rights as anal rights. Anal rights are fine in a monogamous context but not in a promiscuous one. The promiscuity of the male-male social scene takes anal rights to a new level of fetish. It’s why many gay men are dead by the time they’re 50.

  • yaph

    @jimbryant: wrong wrong wrong they don’t get HIV because it is harder for an active partner to contract the virus from a passive partner.

  • jimbryant


    Wrong reason, flawed assumption.

    A woman is a passive partner in anal sex. She is no different from a passive male except for her gender. Neither the passive male nor the passive female are at risk so long as their active partners are healthy.

    HIV awareness is necessary only for promiscuous bottoms, male or female. It is not a problem for all gay men and nor is it a problem that is reserved for men only.

  • MikeE

    @jimbryant: What the hell kind of moronic statement is that?

    So what you’re saying is that there are no HIV+ men in Africa? Only women and children?

    You don’t have to be promiscuous to become HIV+. It only takes one, and that one can be the love of your life to whom you are perfectly faithful. But maybe his ex wasn’t faithful, or his ex’s ex.

    The argument that “leading a bad life” is what brings about HIV is absolute bullshi*. People who spew that type or rhetoric are either bigoted homophobes or self-loathing closet-cases.

  • QJ201

    @jimbryant: ok troll enough of you and your ignorant bullshit.

    I’m a total slut, but I use condoms. Very easy way to remain negative.

  • tada-no

    @MikeE: What is your opinion of gay forums like breedingzone? What is your opinion on increasing number of amateur bareback sex on xtube and tons of guys (wide age range) cheering each-other in comments about how they too want to take loads? Maybe new safe sex campaigns should feature gay “poz” men in their 40s whose health is like 70 year old men because HAART side effects include all sorts of kidney failures, cardiac problems, cancers, arthritis etc… Maybe then guys will think twice before they get kinky about the idea of taking random loads because it’s “hot.” So far, the big pharm industry supported by big gay money has convinced younger and older men that preEP, PEP and taking Truvada for HIV is like going to GNC and swallowing creatine pills daily.

  • jimbryant

    Being gay or being male are not risk factors in HIV acquisition.

    However, being promiscuous is definitely a risk factor, especially within concentrated zones of promiscuity. If you choose to be promiscuous within zones where promiscuity is concentrated, you make yourself vulnerable to the promiscuity cascade. It’s a no-brainer for those who have got brains.,

  • jimbryant

    One of the reasons why the gay male industry pushes the idea that anal sex is a risk factor for AIDS is because it is much easier to put a condom on a penis than it is to admit to the fact that male promiscuity is the main culprit.

    If you convince yourself that you can put a condom over your penis, it allows you to escape the consequences of your promiscuity. Putting a condom over your penis is the preferred path, and thus the gay industry pushes it every time that AIDS comes up as an issue.

    Consider that it is virtually impossible for men – gay or straight – to admit that their promiscuity is dangerous to their lives. If I went up to a straight guy and told him that he shouldn’t be promiscuous, he’d laugh in my face. Gay men are no different.

  • the other Greg

    @jimbryant: “If I went up to a straight guy and told him that he shouldn’t be promiscuous, he’d laugh in my face. Gay men are no different.”

    Please try that experiment. If you ever did ANY of this stuff in real life, you’d get punched in the face and stop doing it. It’s so much easier for an anonymous loser troll on the internet, isn’t it?

    “If you convince yourself that you can put a condom over your penis, it allows you to escape the consequences of your promiscuity.”

    Yes. And it works. So what? Just kills you, doesn’t it?

    And stop being a hypocrite; you’ve already granted the point: “If you’re out on the promiscuous scene having sex with total strangers, go right ahead and put on a condom.” jimbryant, Dec. 3, 2013, 4:30pm:

  • CaptainFabulous

    Why do you people continue to feed the trolls. Just because jimbryant opens his mouth and says something profoundly ignorant and stupid doesn’t mean you have to reply to him. Ignore him and others like him and they will eventually wither and die (we hope).

  • jimbryant

    It must also be stated that promiscuity, by itself, is NOT a risk factor for HIV or STD’s in general. Promiscuity needs to be combined with a unique environment. This unique environment is more likely to be created by men who seek sex with men than by men who seek sex with women. Here’s the explanation.

    If I decided to have sex with 100 people in 7 days, my promiscuity may or may not put me at risk. It will NOT put me at risk if each and every one of those 100 people is healthy. It WILL put me at risk is some of those 100 people are not healthy.

    Men who seek sex with men in a promiscuous fashion often do so within environments where their (often anonymous) partners’ health status is unknown. Therein lies the risk. The promiscuity is the key, the unknown health status is the door. Insert the key into the door and you open yourself up to risk.

    On the other hand, men who seek sex in a promiscuous fashion with women are hampered by several factors. Firstly, as a whole, women are not as promiscuous as men. Men who want sex with women are often forced to pay a large sum of money at a brothel for sex with ONE woman only. In many cases, the woman has been vetted for STD’s before she is employed by the brothel.

  • the other Greg

    @CaptainFabulous: The reason is that HIV news is uniquely prone to dangerous misinformation, which it’s important to counter.

    Your point would well-taken if it came from anyone except YOU, a reliable fount of barebacking bullsh*t in the past. But if you’ve decided to give that up, thanks!

    @jimbryant: Thank you for finally descending to the level of… DUH.

    Gee, a few days ago you were rambling about how everyone should be monogamous. (As if you were the first one to ever think of that.) Now you’re under the impression that the opposite of monogamy is where “sleazeballs” have “sex” (undefined) with 100 guys in 7 days!

    Really, dude, there is a middle ground, at the way, way, way lower end of that scale, where if the sex is anal, a condom can be used and we can indeed “escape the consequences” (i.e. generally NONE) of our promiscuity.

    If I encounter any sleazeballs, I’ll let them know. Although it might be more persuasive to avoid calling them “sleazeballs”!

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