Ashton Kutcher Is Harvey Levin

TMZ gay chief Harvey Levin already made clear he can poke fun at himself, so surely he’ll appreciate Ashton Kutcher’s impersonation. Right?

Kutcher, who’s an avid eater (and now investor in) Popchips, named himself the company’s president of pop culture. He’s also in charge of the snack company’s social media. Which means he can use his celebrity and resources to whip up some viral videos, like this one where he takes a few digs at Levin’s television show, with an assist from A Lot Like Love co-star Amanda Peet. POP stalks TMZ stars. Get it?!

The apples-to-apples

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  • VagrantMan

    So did Ashton Kutcher send Queerty a box of potato chips? Because this is pretty unfunny and not gay, much like Ashton Kutcher.

  • meego

    This is usually where crappy “actors” end up–plugging some product when their acting careers go down the toilet. I’ll never forget when Kutcher was fired from the movie Elizabethtown because he simply couldn’t act.

  • James Davis

    Wow, this was just bad. Not entertaining at all.

  • alejandro

    you guys are so lame. i thought it was funny..

  • Peter

    That’s LAKE BELL not Amanda Peet.

  • scott ny'er

    @VagrantMan: ditto
    @meego: that’s ggood gossip that i did not know bout, if true

  • Pip

    Wow Ashton. I feel so bad for you. Must be tough being an ex-underwear model/talentless millionaire who gets worshiped for his good looks. How about a sequel to Brokeback Mountain with hardcore XXX sex scenes with Cilian Murphy? Then I might care about your existence.

  • Mac McNeill

    Pip that sounds like a great idea. I actually was thinking of someone older for Ashton since he likes them older,

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