And The Queer Crowd Goes Wild!

Aussie Athlete Arrested Sans Shirt

While we’re on the subject of sensational arrests, coppers nabbed Australian footballer Ben Cousins yesterday after finding “prohibited substances” in his car.

The down under uphill gardeners are going ape shit over this story, especially because Cousins wasn’t wearing a shirt. Aussie fag-rag DNA spends a bit of time exploring Cousin’s arresting physique: Writes DNA:

Ben seems to have lost a little of his Olympian’s physique since the AFL season wrapped up but then, he’d packed on so much lean muscle through the year he would have come out the other end of an Ice Age still looking pretty buff. We’re not sure about his enormous new tattoo, which spells out Such Is Life… but were happy to look at it until later in the video when he puts a green tank top on.

If only more American scandals involved shirtless athletes with tacky tattoos…

See some video, after the jump…