Aussie Toilet Trauma

Scores of gay men in Sydney will have to find a new place to get their rocks off other than a Myer toilet.

Apparently, the men’s room there has been closed due to what The Sydney Morning Herald calls “rampant homosexual activity”.

Management at Myer’s Sydney city store in Pitt Street closed its level one toilet to the public because men were using it as a meeting point, often having sex in sight of other users.

Goodness gracious! Gay men having sex in a bathroom? They must be monsters!

Now, we don’t understand is what qualifies as “rampant homosexual activity”? We’re assuming that doesn’t mean just poppers and blowjobs. From what remember, such things weigh as a measly “significant homosexual activity” on the internationally-recognized homosexual activity scale.

If we recall correctly, “rampant homosexual activity” includes fisting, slings and at least three farm animals. If that’s the case, it’s only reasonable, then. that a security guard would explain the closure by saying, “we had problems with people in there … there were safety issues”.

The primary safety issue, of course, being slick trails of lube and semen. Quite a hazard!

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  • Matt

    Good. It needs to be closed. Go have sex at home or a bathhouse. This is a place where children go to use the bathroom and do not need to be exposed to such things. This has nothing to do with gay or straight, it is about keeping obsene things from underage childrens view and protecting the rights of others who do not want to see this while shopping.

  • Tim

    Agreed, Matt. Since when were gays supposed to be exempt from standards of public decency? Methinks the Queerty boys are maybe a bit too attached to their anonymous bathroom hookups?

  • Jonathon

    This is just plain stupid. Close the bathroom because a few stupid (and most likely closeted) gays can’t control themselves?

    How hard would it be to actually deal with the problem? You know, simple things like POSTING A FREAKING BATHROOM ATTENDANT? No, instead it’s just a lot more fun to make everyone think that all gay men are so depraved that they just gotta fuck in the loo.

    I am sick and tired of this sort of thing. No matter how hard the rest of us work to live our lives openly and to show to the world that gay men are not the monsters our enemies want to make us out to be…. here comes Foley & Co, who are collectively too chickenshit to be real men and be truthful about who and what they are and ALL of us are branded as sick, pathological sex addicts!

    Enough is enough. Any man who chooses to conduct sexual relations in a public toilet should be drug out for all the world to see. In this day and age there is NO REASON for such conduct.

  • Ryan

    I never really got the whole glory hole/bathroom phenominon. Supposively, guys flock to a particular library bathroom at my university LOL.

    Um… no thanks. Still though, it seems silly to close bathrooms because people abuse them. It doesn’t really solve the problem, does it? Now, it will be some other poor bloke’s bathroom that gets the rampant sex and years later, that one will close. Then the next.

    And then it’ll be some kinky business owner’s bathroom who appreciates the boost in sales and the whole world will rejoice!

  • Kevin

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. I witnessed male-female sex in bathrooms, closets (lol), staircases etc. If these people are going to monitor behavior then they should do it for both straight and gay not just gay.

  • aleena x

    haha i laf i fyd diz funny lol gud on ya gays x x

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