Australian Olympian: I Can’t Stay With My Wife But Gay Athletes Can Shack Up!

Australian marksman Russell Mark, who is readying to go to London for the Summer Olympics, is angry that his riflewoman wife won’t be able to bunk with him in the Olympic village—especially since gay Olympians can share hop into each others’ beds.

Did he get a shot to the head once or something?

“The stupid part of this, which I have argued to them, is that there are tons of gay couples on the Olympic team who will be rooming together,” Mark said. “We are being discriminated against because we are heterosexual.”

Even if their were tons of out athletes at the Olympics, where there aren’t, what are they odds they’d be dating fellow Olympians? That’s like saying gays in the military get to hook up in their barracks.

Mark and his wife, Lauryn—who are both competing in shooting events—say they’re also being penalized because Mark spoke out against the recent ban on sleeping pills and Lauryn appeared in a risque photo shoot for a pinup magazine.

Well, they might not have the pleasure of each others’ company, but spectators will have the pleasure of seeing Mark in a Borat-style mankini at the opening games, after he lost a recent bet.

The man does his country proud, no?

Photo: Australian Olympic Committee