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Aw Crap: Steven Paul’s Defec8 Takes a Dump on Adam Bouska’s NOH8

What do you get when you mix glamour shots and drive-thru activism? The NOH8 campaign. Even the most agoraphobic queens have had the stark white images of impassioned faces stamped with a “NOH8” temporary tattoo thrust upon them. And how could I forget the duct tape covered mouths—that’s the most important part; the symbolism is as haunting and poignant as a Madonna ballad. “Love is a bird, she needs to fly…” But if John Waters dreamed up his own parody of the overwrought photo campaign, DEFEC8 might be it. Steven Paul, creator of the DEFEC8 Campaign, is not poo-pooing the original campaign’s “silent photo protest” against California’s Proposition 8—he’s just over it.

“One day last week I was on Facebook and I came across another fucking (NOH8) picture and I’m like, ‘Ahhhhh! I’m sick of seeing it. I get it guys, I get it. I wanted to come up with something that was a slap in the face to this fucking campaign.” So instead of duct tape, Paul decided on shit. Doodie. Feces. “I just thought this is a clever play on words, it’s disgusting, and it will get peoples’ attention.”

And it certainly grabbed my attention. I, too, was perusing my Facebook page last week when I noticed what resembled a NOH8 photo of a subversive queer pal of mine from Sarah Lawrence. Is Tony actually buying into this?, I wondered. Upon closer inspection, I noted his yellow rubber kitchen gloves covered in–wait, what is that? Chocolate? Oh shit. It’s shit. Fierce y’all.

(NB: It’s not actually shit. Or so I’m insisting.)

In addition to the hyper-saturation of the NOH8 campaign, what really gets Paul’s goat is its exploitation by no-list celebrities.

“Kim [Tardy for the Party] Z. from the Real Housewives of Atlanta? She was performing at [New York City gay club] Splash last month. She is trying hard. I mean you’ve got to be fucking kidding me. She knows that the gays have all the income—it just drives me nuts!”

But it’s not just no-list celebs who are vying to have their NOH8 portrait done. According to a dreary new documentary about the NOH8 campaign, over 1200 people RSVP’d on Facebook to pay $40 a pop for their photos at an open shoot in New York City. But who can put a price on a fully retouched photo that can at once be used as a Facebook photo and promote your peoples’ rights? (And according to the NoH8 website: Funds raised by the NOH8 Campaign will be used to continue promoting and raising awareness for Marriage Equality and anti-discrimination on a global level through an educational and interactive media campaign.)

Although in his home base of Manhattan the responses have been great so far, Steven Paul is preparing himself for a shit storm of negative feedback. “I think [NOH8 creator and photographer] Adam Bouska’s gonna be pissed. Like how can you make fun of something so serious? I might be wrong. If it’s done right it’s gonna work and people are gonna love it—and hate it.”

A mockumentary of the making of the DEFEC8 campaign is in the works. Its working title: Defec8tion Nation.

NEXT UP: A scattering of defec8tions.

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  • SFPol

    waste of a column

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Well I hope that that is real shit for some real shitheads.

    If you don’t like NO8, then come up with something else that HELPS instead of taking dump on the effort to end hatred.

    Fucking piece of shit assholes; oh yeah, assholes where this shit comes from.

  • Rando

    Honestly, I see this as tasteless at best.

    I see no reason to hate the NOH8 campaign. Sure, some people misuse the original purpose, but the meaning is still there. We don’t go making fake Pink Ribbon campaigns because companies use the pink ribbon but minimally support the actual cause.

    Why? Because it’s taking it out on the actual cause, a rather righteous cause, and not the one’s using it for their own motives.

  • Lamar

    Am I the only one who finds the shit disgusting? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW!

  • Cam

    This kind of seems like some line that somebody would say at a dinner party after a few glasses of wine and everybody would kind of laugh because it’s one of those things that is a toss off comment over dinner. This guy actually went and made an entire campaign based on a not that funny comment at a semi-boring dinner party. Sounds like he really enjoyed getting those 10 seconds of polite chuckling.

  • defec8 luvr

    i think it’s genius & hysterical.

    all u serious over the top ranters about this r probably brandishing one of these on facebook – the same site u probably post updates on when u: wake up, make coffee, go shopping & WIPE YOUR ASS!

    get a sense of humor already & UNtape your mouths if you want to be “heard”!

  • Cj Maciejeski

    I’m thinking that the reference here is that prop 8 is shit, not that NOH8 is shit.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Is this Steven Paul jackass queer, or straight?

  • REBELComx

    Am I the only one who sees the irony in this? Seriously this is almost like a South Park-esque version of the NOH8 campain.
    Despite his attempts to poke fun at the original photo project, he’s almost topped it. He is basically saying that Prop 8 was shitty, that their supporters are full of shit and wallowing it in. This is like a satirical photo campaign FOR Prop 8. The images are shocking, but like 2girls1cup, you can’t help but NOT look and the reactions are the really important aspect.

  • nikko

    This is offensive anti-gay fodder. I could just hear gay rights opponents stating something like “You see, even the gays know it’s wrong to play with their feces and they’re proud of it, flaunting their perverted practices in our faces”.
    I mean, what would be the point of doing something so stupidly unfunny about this? This could cause a serious setback to a very serious issue: our rights.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    @Cj Maciejeski:

    From the article above:

    One day last week I was on Facebook and I came across another fucking (NOH8) picture and I’m like, ‘Ahhhhh! I’m sick of seeing it. I get it guys, I get it. I wanted to come up with something that was a slap in the face to this fucking campaign.

    Clearly Mr. Paul has an issue with the NOH8 campaign, not Prop 8.

    Clearly the only rights Mr. Paul in interested in supporting, is the right to as much barebacking, meth and disco balls he can get.

  • AlwaysGay

    Steven Paul can drop dead. This clearly is anti-gay. He’s probably heterosexual.

  • delurker again

    I laughed. :D

  • Arkano18

    Not even clever.

    Steven Paul is dull.

  • Cam

    Um…to those saying that he isn’t making fun of the NOH8 campaign but rather is saying that Prop 8 is shitty…..

    this is one of this comments in the above article…”“One day last week I was on Facebook and I came across another fucking (NOH8) picture and I’m like, ‘Ahhhhh! I’m sick of seeing it. I get it guys, I get it. I wanted to come up with something that was a slap in the face to this fucking campaign.”….and ““I think [NOH8 creator and photographer] Adam Bouska’s gonna be pissed. Like how can you make fun of something so serious?”……

    So before you jump up to tell us all what somebody was thinking you may want to read their own words first.

  • Joey

    Not really that funny, and possibly quite serious ammo for Anti-Gays.
    Has anyone been following whats happening and tactics used by anti-gays in Uganda?
    Word from Uganda is that Gays eat feces as part of our sexuality. We play in it and love it.
    I see this bullshit being used against us, even if it is a joke on NoH8.
    I see nothing positive what-so-ever coming of this.
    Not. Good. At. All.

  • hardmannyc

    It’s cute, but really, I doubt if Bouska will deign to notice. This guy takes himself way too seriously, which is kind of ironic when you think about it.

  • choops

    I don’t see a problem with the no H8 campiagn I think its like really cool and a good idea for people to see.

    The shit is totally disgusting and offensive.

  • Sleeper

    Love it!!

  • REBELComx

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: The great thing about all art, no matter how offensive to some people, is that it is open to interpretation by the viewer. That’s why I said it was ironic. I’m sure the photographer didn’t do it with my interpretation in mind, but it still fits.

  • cafavy

    Hipsters need to stop trying to be ironic and just do drugs and listen to bad music. This is not clever but rather MUNDANE. Oh so cool….yeah right.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    The great thing about all art, no matter how offensive to some people, is that it is open to interpretation by the viewer.

    There’s nothing “artistic” to interpret here. Steven Paul doesn’t like the NOH8 campaign; clearly opposes the idea of using visibility to fight inequality, and when it comes down to it, considers the NOH8 campaign–and its supporters–shit.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Um…to those saying that he isn’t making fun of the NOH8 campaign but rather is saying that Prop 8 is shitty…So before you jump up to tell us all what somebody was thinking you may want to read their own words first.

    But that takes too much work, Cam. It’s much easier to pretend to be cerebral, and defend the indefensible.

    Ricky Martin comes out, and he’s ridiculed by the commentators here. This douchebag Steven Paul, ridicules the NOH8 campaign, and those same commentators defend him. Bizarre.

  • calm down

    I think its clever and honest.

    When I look at facebook I see way to many of the prop 8 pics. I bet the number of people who paid to have these pictures done is greater than the amount of people who voted or have tried really to change peoples views on the subject.

    I’m not saying the defec8 is my cup of tea but maybe its saying if you really want to make a change don’t put it on facebook, instead open your mouth instead of clicking that share button.

  • defec8 luvr

    @calm down: well said!

  • Drake

    This is anti-gay. Steven Paul is a true asshole.

  • Nick

    The guy who brought us Baby Geniuses, The Karate Dog, and Bratz thought the NoH8 campaign was annoying?


    @No. 17 · hardmannyc

    “It’s cute, but really, I doubt if Bouska will deign to notice. This guy takes himself way too seriously, which is kind of ironic when you think about it.”

    Really? I now know what a bitter Biatch is. Adam is anything but the type of person who “..takes himself way too seriously”. He is a very nice guy who came up with a really cool idea that hits a certain demographic dead on while doing his little part to help out.

    Bugger off haters!

  • Mike

    I find it fascinating that of the 5 “models” in here that I know, I see all 5 regularly at the bars, but have failed to see even one of them at a rally or protest. Glad they have the time to spend partying and making fun of the movement instead of actively taking part.

    The photographer is just looking for a way to get some notoriety without having any actual talent and riding the coattails of someone who has already managed to bring some incredible notoriety to our movement.

    Additionally, who the hell cares who gets photographed? If it’s someone with an audience that will bring some more attention to the cause, I’m failing to see a problem…FYI, two of the more notable photos belong to Cindy and Meghan McCain. Pretty powerful statements if you ask me.

  • John Raymond Barker

    Count me as one of the ones who finds this appalling. And, I have a deliciously wicked sense of humor.

    We have to stop attacking each other. We need to put our energies toward positive efforts.

  • ShaneXtopher


    Not only for the lack of taste but for the sheer arrogance of someone who thinks their completely off-key, off-message idea might actually do some good.

    Even John Waters would be mortified.

  • Supertramp


  • nco

    This might be funny if we already had marriage rights. As we do not, this campaign is a set back. It will only enforce tired stereotypes. And the people who are fighting for marriage rights, and have been for decades, don’t deserve this kind of mockery, however overexposed their branding may be.

    Perhaps Paul is too cool for equal rights, but I’m not.

  • Scott

    This is ridiculous. What a waste of energy to write this column. You should delete this entry in your blog and be embarrassed for wasting everyone’s time. This guys are assholes.

  • Eric

    Waste of a column.

  • David in Houston

    So when is little Stevie going to be entering the 3rd grade? Immature and inane, sums it up.

  • "Harold"


    I find that when one person decides that they are solely responsible for the voice of a whole community, trouble will always ensue. At running the risk of sounding like the anti-christ, gay marriage is not number one on my list of things to achieve for my community, and this is what I take from what this photographer has tried to capture. So – “Mike” (I’m assuming this isn’t your real name) – you won’t have seen some parts of our community at these rallies and/or protests because other things come first. I sure do believe in equality, but how about starting out with healthcare, gay immigration, funding for AIDS- and stem-cell-research, education, improving impoverished neighborhoods right here in New York for all. Those things matter to me as much as gay marriage, and I don’t think that Cindy McCain jumping on the NOH8 bandwagon can really be seen as anything other than opportunistic and reprehensible. That they let her even take a picture is awful. So, Mike, and anyone else that thinks that they speak for me and indeed us all, just concentrate on speaking for yourself, our “community” is much bigger and MUCH more complex than you could imagine.

  • Ron


    I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.

    you have Cindy McCain, Kim Kardashian and a bunch of Airhead Z-listers posing pretty for the pictures to be seen.

    Where were they when we had the rallies all over? Is Cindy McCain coming to the front of the rallies to lead next time?…NOW THAT WILL BE SUPPORT!, not posing pretty for photoshopped pictures followed by self-served statements…

    there are a few celebrities such as Drew Barrymore that I deeply respect! She HAS support the gay community without seeking for attention.

  • Steve

    And this is different from juvenile homophobic taunting how? I find it obnoxious, demeaning, insulting, opportunistic, and pathetic.

  • GypsyBoy


    The NOH8 was the biggest posing storm since Myspace, bout time it had a parody

  • Alexander

    Ha-ha-ha.. The people, who participate in the “NOH8” campaign associate them selfs with the fight for freedom (generally speaking), and this white trash from ‘Defec8’ associates its self with shit. Well done.

  • Mike

    Harold, my name is Mike.

    I never once said that the only thing this community has to be concerned about is marriage. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen the models I was speaking about at ANY rally or protest, whether they be for marriage, immigration equality, AIDS funding, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Also, the photographer, said nothing like that in this interview, he said he “wanted to come up with something that was a slap in the face to this fucking campaign.” Where in that does he say anything about the fact that he didn’t want marriage to be the focus of what we’re working for?

    As for Cindy McCain, her and her daughter, since “coming out” in favor of marriage equality, have been outspoken. They are brave and fighting against a much bigger challenge than you do when you’re downing cosmos at Posh. If you think we’re going to win this by shouting down straight republicans who now believe in equality, you certainly haven’t taken a very close look at the civil rights battles that came before this.

    I’m thrilled for you that you don’t think marriage is important…and that’s your prerogative. And I fully understand that we have many different kinds of people in this community. However, it bothers me when people in this community make the choice to take part in a campaign that specifically targets our own work as opposed to taking an active part in the fight for equality.

    Sure, take part any way you want, but at the end of the day, don’t you think our time (individually and as a community) is better spent actively fighting those who stand against us instead of this? Most of this community is indeed apathetic to our own causes, “Harold,” and when you take photos that demean the good work of members of our community, you are part of the problem and not the solution.

  • Cj Maciejeski

    his argument seems to me to be that silence (vis-a-vis duct tape) is less effective than shouting. That being all stoic and quietly strong is sometimes not enough for everyone. Whatever else the statement here is, it is in your face and controversial. Conveniently, I imagine the idea was to get people talking, one way or the other.



    Dear Conservatives,

    I just think it is so funny that we have still learned nothing about equal rights after how many years now of founding this nation (founded in 1776) based on what? Oh yes, Equal rights.

    I know it’s so hard for you republicans to understand, but we are taking over and imagine a day with no gays… hmmm – a severe economic void for sure on the top of an endless list of multi-billion dollar industries we happen to have not only perfected, but currently RUN and hold all the talent and know-how to keep them alive.

    It’s so hilarious to me that conservatives still happen to some how believe that they have the power to stop us. Yes, we may be a minority, but so were Blacks, Italians, Asians, Jews and every other race or minority group to enter this country… look at your history books people… BLACKS even vote now… did you know that?

    I don’t understand why so many people spend their days trying to rationalize their sheer ignorance by displaying their insecurity and fear of influence and inability to remain who they are just by simply being exposed to something different from themselves.

    Did it castrate the male population when women got the right to vote? Did Blacks change your color or make your hair texture nappier when they were released from slavery? Are all you straight men and women out there really that worried that if gay people obtain equal rights that you will drop to your knees and start performing same-sex fellatio? (For those ignorant people driving this anti-gay movement I’ll clarify because I know it is difficult to keep up with us gays and all. Fellatio = oral sex or as you would say… “head” or “eattin’ it”

    All I can say I guess is please focus your energies on things you can actually win. We will not stop and we will not lose. It’s fact, not opinion.

    -That’s all.




  • Alexander

    @P HALLIWELL: Would you like to smear some shit on your mouth?

  • Mike

    aaaand there we have it p halliwell.

    Well done Steven Paul. You now have some racist bigots on your side. Hope this is what you were going for because it’s what you’ve achieved. good lord, and we are surprised that we are not moving forward.

  • Distingue Traces


  • Mike

    P Halliwell – it’s possible for an African American to be racist too. That’s what I was referring to.

    And again – Well done with this campaign….now a racist homophobe has found their way to QUEERTY to comment on a blog that makes fun of a positive campaign.

    Glad you can attract all sorts! You should be ashamed Steven Paul…thanks for doing your part in bringing this movement back a few steps.

  • AJ

    The loser that created this rubbish needs look no further than these comments to see how he has fanned the flames of some UGLY ideas.

    Not art, just shameful.

  • J

    P Halliwell, you’re complaining about gays being racist while at the same time you’re spewing homophobic nonsense? Can you say hypocrite?

  • J

    P Halliwell, you’re complaining about gays being racist while at the same time you’re spewing homophobic nonsense. Can you say hypocrite?


    AS IF

  • nick

    this shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as john waters. truly awful.

  • Alexander

    @P HALLIWELL: Oh, man, I love you too.

  • J




  • matt

    @ HAROLD — i couldn’t have said it better myself!! i’ve gotten some crap from friends about my view, but i honestly can’t justify the amount of money, time and energy spent on gay marriage when we have people who don’t have safe shelter or food or access to education or healthcare. i’m fortunate enough to have all of these things but i don’t want a whole lot more until everyone i know has all these things.

    as for the campaign — love it, hate it, whatever. it’s got you talking. xo




  • The BoyToy

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: He is queer. He is a little-known dj in various gay clubs/restaurants in NYC. Maybe Elmo (a mostly-gay clientele restaurant in Chelsea that he spins at during weekend brunches) should rethink his employment.

  • Alexander

    That’s right. Show your true face, shit lover.

  • The BoyToy

    This is one of those moments where gay DJ Steven Paul’s immaturity and selfishness are going to bite him in the ass. He did this for attention, which he is getting. I just hope that he gets the right attention and his tasteless “humor” is met with universal derision. And then maybe his DJ career will take a dive…and justice will be served. Imagine if he did what another poster mentioned and mocked (yes, mocked; to call this a parody would be kind) the pink breast cancer ribbon campaign or the red AIDS ribbon campaign…..he wouldn’t get away with it and I hope he gets a dose of reality in the form of a major backlash. As for his “models,” including wannabe gay popstar Scottie Gage and the mediocre broadway dancer Bryan Knowlton, I hope they suffer a similar fate. This is a real fight for real equality. We’re talking human rights. Steven Paul has just shit on that fight, and the rights of himself and his British partner Matthew. Ironically, with full marriage rights, Matthew could legally stay in the country and be with his rightful husband. I don’t know if Matthew is here legally or not, but…. Poor taste, Steven. Poor taste.



  • Ron

    you are wrong.. even tough gay marriage was legal and in full effect in California, there is NO WAY gay immigrants would be able to benefit or being granted rights immigration rights just because they are married to a Gay US citizen.

    I am gay and I support gay marriage rights just like everyone else on this site does, but I dont feel obligated or forced to like the aesthetics, quality or lack of talent on the NO ON H8 campaign, you would say. why dont I come with something better? I have other ways to support the cause… and again… I am NOT olbigated to feel that Bouska campaign is something that I AM or that I should feel identified just because everyone else is.

    the people that is participating in this parody are just doing it for fun not for being malicious or being against their own rights.

    if NO ON H8 were about an immigration reform or other more important issues non related to your identity or culture, you would be now on starbucks drinking a latte and playing with your iphone on grindr.

    And dont tell me bouska’s NO ON H8 campaign represents a “movement” believe me.. Bouska wont be the next Harvey Milk and does not raise any awareness cashing on people’s vanity so they can see themselves on a cheap and fake looking picture on their facebook profile.

    Neither No on 8 nor Defec8 model pictures, reflect what this people truly are or their identity.

  • Mik

    Come on! Wake up everyone! Noh8 was a commercial project!! People paid 40 dollars for a shoot! Why?? where all that money went?? to support gay rights?? damn no, to the account of adam Bouska?
    Does Steven Paul gets anything?? no!!
    He just lighted that noh8 campaign in a different way – so there shouldn’t be any complains, it’s still the same sense!!!

  • 88

    Have you people never heard of a ‘parody’ before?

    Being sick of a particular campaign doesn’t mean you’re opposed to the movement… wake up people!

    I applaud Steven Paul and those involved for being brave and having fun! GOOD FOR YOU!

  • Cam

    No. 45 · P HALLIWELL

    Ok, first of all, your screename is a reference to the sisters on the TV show “Charmed” so please don’t try to fool anybody by pretending you aren’t a big ole member of “The Gays” yourself. Secondly, as to the rest of your post….you sound so bitter and jealous that you can’t even see straight. Why pull out “Need for material things”? as an attack? You either sound like a member of the Venezualan Govt. (Texting this from your Rolls Royce Limo) or some freashmen Sociology student who read their first book and combined that little bit of info with your anger at not being invited to a party this Sat. night.

  • Cam

    No. 37 · “Harold”

    I find that when one person decides that they are solely responsible for the voice of a whole community, trouble will always ensue. At running the risk of sounding like the anti-christ, gay marriage is not number one on my list of things to achieve for my community, I sure do believe in equality, but how about starting out with healthcare, gay immigration, funding for AIDS- and stem-cell-research, education, improving impoverished neighborhoods right here in New York for all.

    Easy Harold, the fight for Marriage isn’t about Marriage, it is about being equal under the law and treated as full citizens in this country. The other issues you mention are issus that while important are the focus of the larger population in general. the entire platform of both political parties mentions “Education” Health care just got passed, and Stem Cell research now that the Dems are in power is being funded more heavily, they are not only being done but being funded with billions of taxpayer dollars now, just what are you doing to advance causes that are being handled?. As for AIDS, just which community do you think pushed for more reasearch into that, at the expense of any fight for our rights by the people back then? Once marriage is won, many of the other policies against us fall because once you are equal under the law discrimination can’t exist as easily.

  • Patrick

    These idiots posing with shit on their face have shit for brains.

  • Curtis Jensen

    So we’ve come full circle.

    To my mind the biggest likely reason that Prop 8 passed was that our community was bored of activism, uninterested in the fight, and we were willing to turn the fight over to “professional” campaigners. Our hipsters and artists spent their energy partying and being snarky and being so above the whole gay thing, after all things were fine for them and there was no irony or cachet in being involved in Gay activism. When Prop 8 passed we woke up and reengaged in the process. We realized our rights (marriage was just the specific right in this case) could be taken from us by a more motivated foe. One of the most visible symbolic aspects of that re-energized activism was Adam Bouska’s photos.

    Yeah they became ubiquitous, yeah some D list celebrities got in board (as well as some a list ones), and I guess the hipper than though got bored again. So now rather than join the fight, we’re going back to the old “Gay activism is so square” routine and douche bag hipsters are going smear shit on their faces (how appropriate is that) to show us all how above it they all are.

    Steven Paul – go fuck yourself

  • zenflo

    Prop 8 didn’t pass, in large part, because the Obama voter base included a record number of grandparent-era, African-American voters who felt that while their time had indeed come, ours had not.

    And Steven Paul is a used and discarded douchebag that has something vaguely gelatinous hanging from the soiled tip.

  • Jay

    Yet another example of the queer community working to tear itself down instead of building itself up – while I do have a sense of humor, the message of DEFEC8 was clearly one to attack the NOH8 campaign rather than one to build it up.

    What’s next? MASTRB8 with spunk on our faces?

    This idea should have been flushed.

  • zenflo

    passed, didn’t pass, oops-a-daisy…



  • defec8 luvr

    i’m a homo who felt angry about prop 8 and the results but in no way do i feel obligated to support a photo essay that a bunch of people are participating in for VARIED REASONS i do not completely know of.

    do they seem vain when i see them all over facebook? YES
    do i tire of seeing them all over facebook & other sites like twitter? YES
    do i think people take themselves way to serious about an IMAGE speaking for a community? YES

    and quite frankly, i’m sick of seeing it and not hearing about what all of those people w/ a photo of themselves are doing to contribute to the cause? instead, i see bullshit updates about them ‘washing their hair or getting coffee”. nowhere else on their page is any sort of activism or statements, just this shot. is that enough? for some. but when you personally know individuals – which i DO – who got it done cuz it looks “cool”, i think it loses its effect on the message trying to be conveyed.

    take a deep breath and lean the definition of the word PARODY and instead of faulting steven paul, go volunteer for the cause and mind your own business. it’s a joke. go to funny or die or watch chelsea lately or the soup and see how people are CONTINUALLY making fun of each other even when they share the same beliefs and passions.

  • Spicy

    Amen to Defec8 Luvr and Harold. Well spoken. And to Ranty Randy (aka Mike) I am one of those “‘models'” you’ve seen out drinking (Lordy, Lordy! Not the sauce!) and enjoying my life as an out gay man. I’m proud to walk down the street holding my boyfriend’s hand and have had innumerable conversations with people who didn’t have enough information about homosexuality.

    As to the rallies? I help organize the Broadway Impact bus drive to the marriage rally in DC, and have been to most of the ones I could attend here in NYC. I can’t believe you missed me among the thousands of people! Girl, I was waving right at you!

    Anyway, I digress. I say these things not to grandstand my activism, but rather to elucidate and show that if you don’t understand something, that’s a good time not to berate the people involved. Or even better: admit your dearth of knowledge and ask questions of the people you know who are involved.

    Jumping to conclusions is rarely a good idea. Unless “to conclusions” is the name of that hot guy at the bar. Feel free to jump him.



  • Alexander

    What’s that smell?

  • LittleElvis

    These pics were posted for a reaction and you fell for it. =) Suckers =x

    –Spoiler alert–

    These pics are pro-gay. The photographer is homosexual and pro-gay. The models are pro-gay, homosexual or both. Don’t blame them for your ignorance. =)


    @zenflo: Prop 8 didn’t pass, in large part, because the Obama voter base included a record number of grandparent-era, African-American voters who felt that while their time had indeed come, ours had not.

    Bullshit. What’s more is that it’s tired bullshit.

  • Kyle

    If this guys straight…he’s a homophobe. In the truest sense of the word.

    If he’s gay….he’s a deluded homophobe. In the saddest sense of the word.

    You’re sick of a campaign that aims to seek JUSTICE for millions who are discriminated?

    I’m sick of being discriminated.

    Go back to being a nobody with a receeding chin and hairline “Steven Paul”

    Some douchebags need to just be punched.

  • CJ

    This actually strikes me as a bit anti gay. Like something a hetro frat twat would whip up-from Arkansas.

    this idiot must have a lot of free time on his hands with very little going on in his life. no reason he doesn’t get the NOH8 campaign. you need to have experienced love/companionship first to ‘GET’ that campaign. file this under LAME.

  • charlie

    @P HALLIWELL: How much do you all want to bet this homophobe is part of the “Defec8” campaign?

    So basically, this campaign, it’s theme, and supporters are no better than the fundies in Uganda.

    I’m more offended by this HATE campaign than anything said or done by conservatives in Washington.

    everyone needs attention these days, right? even if that includes piggybacking on an isnpirational campaign all for your (failed and desperate) 15 seconds of fame. Some busted looking meth faces in that Defec8 campaign and fitting they’d be posing with $%!#

  • Bayley

    Adam Bouska’s photos were the opening Hot Topic on the view presented by Whoopi Goldberg when Cindy McCain posed for the photo. The ladies all agreed it was a creative angle to get your point across and clearly worked having attracted the woman who almost became our countries first lady. I’ve seen it discussed on MSNBC, CNN, Extra, and virtually every celebrity and news magazine blog on the internet.

    Those of you arguing “take the duct tape off and start talking…” that’s exactly what the NOH8 campaign did. This campaign gave people a microphone to talk. Gave them a platform to go from, and managed to hand out a name tag to those who wanted to be involved, with a picture attached.

    To those who take issue with it, want to be cute and different just for argument sake, and find it to be counter productive….what have YOU done for equality/ gay marriage? Specifics. Pin point everything you’ve done and has it achieved the visibility this campaign has? If so, site, press release, and links please.

    If you don’t believe in gay marriage. You’re excused. You can walk away from my thread now. Thanks.

  • Bayley

    @Spicy: All those tireless hours of ‘activism’ you speak of go to waste when you join a campaign that discredits the most mainstream equality campaign effective today. Forget being a united front. You’re turning the gun to your own troops, on the battle field, in the middle of battle. All stemmed from the running theme of your counter campaign being “neener-neener-neeener!” to the very cause, people, and ideology you claim to be working with valiant effort toward. Your ilk leader is supposedly sick of seeing so many of these equality pictures (I know, right? equality?! uhhh, sooo passe) yet his strategy isn’t to ‘parody’ The Yes on 8 campaign and it’s many overlapped mockeries, but instead poke fun at a genuinly good cause.

    That parody would work perfectly well if the cause you have the church giggles over had mandated rights granted to them. People weren’t getting fired, beat, killed, discharged, opressed, on suicide watch, on drugs, homeless, bullied, or unable to marry. When we see even a fraction of a reversal on those points…then maybe we’ll smile back at your attempts at humor with that smear campaign (pun intended). Until then, you just have sh*t on your face. Have fun with that.

  • Steve

    @ spicy and 88:

    Spare us your condescending lectures about understanding parody.

    When satire is good, it can be fantastic. And when satire is bad, it can be horrendous. There is often a fine line between the two, making good satire tricky to pull off.

    This garbage may be satire, but it is hardly good satire. Good satire doesn’t leave you wondering which side of the issue the satirist even stands on! And good satire doesn’t need a parade of precocious children purporting to “educate” everyone else about what a parody is.

    I find it troubling, moreover, that the sexual orientation of Mr. Paul is apparent a top secret. While I would find this work unacceptable from a gay artist, if he is straight, he can just go straight to hell.

  • declanto

    OMG, please don’t say that I have to ally myself with the felcalphiles in the name of solidarity-the line is drawn. Let it NOT be drawn with excrement!LGBTF??? I’m outa here.

  • declanto

    “Fecalphiles”, sorry.

  • FoolMe1

    Oh the censorship irony on display…

    I shit myself laughing at you guys taking a dump on this obviously well-intended artistic expression of free speech – many of you complaining about the TOTWK protests using nearly the same arguments … I’d love to pick them all apart, but I have to go potty now.

  • Robert

    What a bunch of LOSERS. Enough said, I won’t waste my time with this.

  • declanto

    I am aware of the values of satire, artistic irony, shock-rock etc. but in this case, what’s the point? he’s bored. I hate the censor as well as anyone else, but who’s talking censorship here? It’s just plain bad taste (pun but no fun).

    I can’t help imagining his tongue slithering out to take a sample from his lips. EEEUUUGH! There are good reasons to avoid filth.

  • Sam

    Everytime I see the photo for this post in the right column, I die a little.

  • Sam

    P.S. Is that first image Vince Vaughn with his eyebrows Photoshopped out?

  • Stone

    I think it’s disgusting for Steven Paul to make a mockery of something that is important to so many of us in the LGBT community. It’s just the attempt of another hater, out to put down someone such as Adam Bouska, in a sad plot to gain more attention for himself. Adam Bouska at least has taken a stand in what he believes in. If Mr. Paul is so sick and tired of seeing No hate pics….why is he BITING? Enuff said.

  • zenflo

    @CONVERSATION CHAMBER: wow, you can boldface and ignore exit polling at the same time? douche.

  • zenflo


    It’s true enough that initial accounts of 70 percent African-American “Yes on 8” were exaggerated, as noted later by the San Francisco Chronicle and other reputable media outlets.

    HOWEVER, and quoted from

    “But an analysis of precinct-level voting data on Prop. 8 from Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco counties, which are home to nearly two-thirds of California’s black voters, suggested that African American support for Prop. 8 was more likely about 58 percent.

    “That support among blacks is still well above the 52 percent Prop. 8 received from all voters in the Nov. 4 election. Much of that can be attributed to the strong religious tradition in the black community, where 57 percent of African American voters attend church at least once a week, compared with 42 percent of Californians overall.”

    It was certaintly a factor in tipping the balance.

    Now, go fuck your own tired self.



    Whatever. The point is that you were wrong. That it took me calling your accusation out as the bullshit it was for you to investigate the facts proves who the real “douche” (you) here is. I notice how your two back-to-back messages are a half hour apart. I’m guessing it took you that long to google search the truth…realize that you were wrong…and try and come up with a spin that you thought would sound plausible enough to save you some face.

    Indeed, those initial exit poll numbers were bogus. The real percentage of Black folks voting for Prop 8 was approx. 58-59% — which, truth be told, wasn’t substantially higher than average. Now take into account that African Americans only account for a mere 6% of CA’s electorate, and it makes your tired, cynical, paranoid, racist boo-hooing about being somehow impeded by “record numbers” of “grandparent-era, African-American voters who felt that while their time had indeed come” while yours hadn’t come off all the more shallow/stupid.

    African Americans do not have anywhere near the political prowess in the U.S. to hinder the progress of the gay community, so quit acting like you were dealt some insurmountable blow from them. Point blank: Prop 8 wouldn’t have passed had it not been for all the YES votes coming from the largest electoral vote there is — White men. Furthermore, I can’t think of any predominately Black church/religion that raised over 20 million to help fund and promote the ‘Yes on 8’ campaign…although I do know of a predominately White one that did. “Tipping the balance,” my ass. Don’t try and spin/water it down now. That wasn’t what you said the first time.

    Perhaps next time you will get your facts together before you run off at the keyboard. The backpedaling doesn’t work. I’m not impressed. Oh, and those childish “douche” and “Now, go fuck your own tired self” comments were hysterical as hell, because laughably lame vitriol like that only proved that my opposing your idiotic claim must have *really* gotten to you.

  • defec8 luvr

    i suppose ya’ll haters r over @ the wanda sykes post pissing & moaning about her PARODY video right?

    long live defec8. i’ve posted links to this on every major social networking site i belong to & will keep doing it to keep it alive.

  • Spicy

    Honestly, having been involved in the defec8 campaign, I can tell you that no one (and we all met and did our shots at the same time and had a chance to talk) dislikes the message of the NOH8 campaign.

    I think the general consensus was that it had become a little too…over wrought and needed an infusion of what made it initially popular: interesting, conversation-generating pictures showing up on facebook, blogs, etc.

    Does the article seem a bit skewed towards NOH8 vs. DEFEC8? Yep. But that makes for interesting blogging and there’s much more behind what Steven Paul said than what was posted.

    But, agree with it or not, I personally have had MANY conversations with people who had no idea what NOH8 was because of the DEFEC8 picture I put up.

    Sometimes you need to do something sensationalist to get people talking. I hadn’t heard NOH8 mentioned in weeks (months?) and now people are talking about it again. Sort of like how having a threesome reminds you of how hot you and your boyfriend are, DEFEC8 has reminded people of all the things they love about the original concept of the NOH8 campaign.

  • zenflo

    @CONVERSATION CHAMBER: Oh, snap, my posts were a half-hour apart. Pardon me for having a life.

    Anyone who understands statistics will tell you that “just” 58-59 percent is a huge margin of victory/defeat as pertains to this vote, even as we are referring to one (very substantial)subset of voters. Major impact.

    You would like to avoid this fact by trying to create irrelevant side issues. Makes you look even more tired. Oh, and go fuck yourself again. I’m done with you.

  • ben doverr

    I am by-and-large a reader of this column, but rarely a responder.

    Still, as someone with a degree and career involving statistical analysis, I will submit the following as per CC and zflo:

    Yes, Prop 8’s highest level of support came from white fundamentalists, and also high among older voters and churchgoers. I don’t think this surprises anyone.

    And as well, considering that African-Americans voted 58 percent for Prop8, and comprised 10-plus percent of CA voters, this equals very close to the margin of passage.

    This is not the only important post-election finding, but, CC, to eschew or disavow it is both reckless and untrue.

    And why so concerned with response times here in Queerty? At least zflo posted data to support his/her position (even if it was subsequent, rather than exit polling, it’s not an end-all “gotcha” moment).

    I mean, I ate a sandwich and groomed my cat while composing this six-minute post. It’s not less relevant as a result.

  • NPG

    i know adam he is my friend and i know jeff and he is my friend as well and if they found out bout this campaign they would INSTANTLY know that this steven guy is jealous of the noh8 campaign for being so successful and they would just laugh at it and let it roll off there backs. it wont phaze them and it wont make them back down. i have been a part of the noh8 campaigna dn worked along side adam n jeff and they are so determinded and something like this wont even budge them. nice try steven. but i think u need a new hobby. all love NO H8!!!

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