B. Scott Suing BET For Discrimination, Hating On His Heels


B. Scott is reportedly seeking $2.5 million from BET for forcing him to ditch his heels and then yanking him off the air during the BET Awards.

Between Laverne Cox on Orange is the New Black, Virgg on America’s Next Top Model, and the current US wide RuPaul’s Drag Race Tour featuring transgender burlesque star Carmen Carrera, it seems like there is a growing acceptance of public and outspoken gender-fluid, gender-queer, and transgender people in the media.

However, B. Scott, an openly gay transgender culture critic and internet personality, has faced some blatant discrimination: he’ll be suing the BET network for pulling him off their award show for wearing women’s clothing.

In the law suit obtained by TMZ, Scott – who quite frankly looks divine in men’s or women’s clothing – was ordered to remove his make up and heels. Earlier in the night, Scott’s sheer tunic, palazzo pants and pumps were approved by the BET higher ups, but he was forced to change into a less androgynous — though equally color-coordinated — outfit.

Despite Scott being able to werk both femme queen and butch queen with ease, the network unnecessarily opted for the more gender-normative look. Ultimately, it hardly mattered: Scott was later pulled from the show and replaced by fellow anchor Adrienne Bailon.

TMZ was unable to get through to BET for comment, but it looks like Scott is seeking $2.5 million from the station, claiming he has suffered damage to his reputation and that BET is guilty of sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination. While this news is disheartening, we can’t wait to see what executive realness B. Scott brings to the courtroom floor. There’s this, for starters.

Photo: TMZ