Bad Advice.

An Islamic man recently wrote an advice columnist asking, “Should a man who struggles with homosexual desires, yet is looking for a female marriage partner, tell his potential wife before getting engaged to her?” The columnist says “yes,” but later writes, “The man should try to deal with the problem through appropriate professional/religious means before engaging in marriage as his problem is of a psychological nature, and needs to be treated as such.” [Islam Online]

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  • tallskin

    Just endorses the opinion that Islam is an arrogant and self-contained medieval bubble.

    Oh and islam is a nasty homophobic unpleasant sky pixie cult, along with christianity and judaism.

  • tallskin

    Oh this what the strangely bearded nazis say about gays later:

    “In Islam, are we not supposed to be very honest about any illnesses or past behaviors we have done before marriage, to the person we are considering for marriage. How are homosexual feelings any different than another mental or psychological disorder that people are expected to reveal before marrying a person? I can’t imagine any woman who would not feel betrayed if she married someone and than later found out he had these feelings.”


  • emb

    How sad that Islam was world-leading in science, art and mathematics for so much of the middle ages. Pity they got socially stuck there.

  • John

    The science, art, and mathematics was embraced by a relatively small social elite at the Caliph’s court. For the rest of the vast masses of Islamic subjects, however, this sort of wholesale ignorance was always part of the plan. Superstitious and uneducated people are easier to control.

    Even today, Arab princes are mostly Western educated. And they often travel to the UK, France, and America for fun (hypocritically and secretly engaging in behaviors that they’d condemn others to death for in their home countries).

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    People will say and do anything for a Green Card!


    As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم),

    Peace be upon all you disgusting infidels and homosexual sinners!

    Consider the above advice from one of my camel ‘brothers’ as one of the daily words of wisdom from the ‘religion of peace’ (Islam).

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