(Bad) Words…

“…Our buddy Dan Abrams…he’s been replaced by Rachel Maddow, or will be, in early September. He’s losing his show to somebody with more testosterone than he has.” – Right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh – who recently called Barack Obama a “little black man-child” – on lesbian journalist Rachel Maddow’s ascension at MSNBC. [Soup Cans]

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  • mark

    Rachel let Rush know he could take some tips from you on how to satisfy a woman…he has fallen SHORT with all three of his ex-wives.

  • mark

    Obama craft legislation which provides medical care for surviving tissue after a botched anal growth removal…call it the RUSH LAW.

  • Tintin Malfoy

    Rush is a limp-dicked, drugged addled douchebag.

  • mark

    On your Premiere show

    Book ALL 3 of Limbaugh’s ex-wives for an interview.


  • Tintin Malfoy

    @ Mark: That would be AWESOME!!! They could discuss the sanctity of marriage.

  • Candy

    Without dissing Dan, Rush speaks the truth! She really DOES have more testosterone – than most football teams!

    It doesn’t matter WHO she has one, NO ONE on MSNBC has astronomical ratings – ever! The network is habitually in the cellar of the ratings and rightfully so. It jumped the shark so bad this past year it made Fonzie’s jump seem believable! Now with the addition of Maddow and the release of Abrams, the transformation is now complete for the most left-biased show on TV.

    So now we have FOX on the far-right and MSNBC on the far-left….what’s a rational, reasonable person to do? BBC?

  • Rock

    Can somebody please ASSASSINATE this pig, please?

    That’s right,I’m encouraging MURDER.

    I don’t care. This sick degenerate pig has been stinking up the radio airwaves for too long!

    Now really, don’t you all know the world would be a better place without this trash?

  • Uncle Mike

    My 2 year old nephew has more testosterone than Abrams.

    A rational, reasonable person wouldn’t have posted your lame comment, Candy, so I don’t quite know for whom you’re speaking.

  • ChristopherM

    @Mark: She should also invite his maid/drug dealer for a big finale.

  • Charley

    Seen the “Feed the Pig” commercial? Can’t figure out if it is Rush or Carl Rove.

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