Week in Comments

Beards Or No Beards? Are You Sorry For Ruining Marriage? Is The Catholic Church Like The Mafia?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  


“I for one feel terrible about this. It’s clear that my decade-long relationship with my partner has caused this poor ethical and moral woman to stray and become a whore. I regret this and apologize to her.”

Ian is a sinner and has seen the error of his ways in Gay Community Apologizes For Driving Anti-Gay GOP Amy Koch To Commit Adultery




“When attending, keep a tight hand on your children. I hear that a number of priests have have raped and sodomized children. Worse, the Catholic Church protects the monsters who often repeat their same sick perversions in their next parish. I know they all don’t do it but how do these guys look themselves in the mirror? Their work for an organization that, were it not a church, would be subject to and closed down by RICO laws.

This kind of rhetoric is merely members of the Catholic Church projecting their own thoughts. I hear that’s how sociopaths and Republicans operate.”

Ronbo has a bone to pick in Chicago Archbishop Francis George Compares Pride Parades To KKK Rally




“I didn’t realize porn stars even had faces.”

who cares chimes in on the great beard debate in Gay Dudes Like Facial Fuzz But Porn Studios Think Clean-Shaven Is “Timeless”




“Oh, I thought Johnny Weir was Clay Aiken.”

Nick with the Best. Comment. Ever. in The Five Gayest Things That Happened This Thanksgiving




“I didn’t watch the video the first time it made the rounds on all the gay blogs, because I knew I would just get depressed from seeing other people’s joy. But I just watched it, and sure enough I cried. God damn happy people finding love—I hate you all! Any other lonely, bitter, jaded, ugly 20something-year-olds in New Jersey? Hit me up.

Skank needs a date—and bad—in “This is Our Year” Video Star Talks About Being Part Of England’s Cutest Gay Couple