Beatie Tops People As Reader Notes Mag’s Gay Love

People magazine this week shelled out $300,000 to publish photos of trans man Thomas Beatie and new baby. And it’s apparently paid off. The article is, according to People‘s website, this week’s most read story, beating a cover story on Barack Obama’s home life.

Questions of Beatie’s intent aside, we’re pretty impressed that a national magazine’s going after this story. And Beatie’s hardly the only queer who shows up in the weekly’s pages, as a reader points out:

…Please do an amusing biting gay critique of how People has gay stories like EVERY WEEK! Seriously. This week there’s something about ugly Lane Bass’s HUNK, and Lindsay’s dyke moment. I swear that section in the front, Scoop or insider or something either has shirtless guys or stories about gays, or is quoting GLAAD.

We’re not surprised, of course. Gays do make the best gossip.