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Beau Breedlove Now Really, Really Wants to Tell His Side of the Sam Adams Story


Former paramour to Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams (before he was mayor), porn model Beau Breedlove continues his on-again-off-again relationship with media attention. At one point, Beau was loving the spotlight. Then he ran from it, going so far as to try getting a restraining order against an ambitious reporter; it was refused. But now that Adams has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing — thanks in part to Breedlove’s stonewalling of investigators’ questions (and Adams lying about their relationship) — all of a sudden the penis size judge is ready to chat with the media again. Strange!

Breedlove’s renewed willingness to go on record with the media likely has something to do with how he’s being portrayed … by the media! He never lied to investigators, he insists. He expected Adams to man up about their relationship but he didn’t, Breedlove declares. Adams tried to cover up their relationship, he asserts, adding, “Up until recently, I really thought I had a friendship with Sam … I really thought I could trust him.”

Man. We’re starting to feel some sympathy for this guy. ‘Cause really, his future, like his credibility, is fucked. Especially since Adam’s recall effort is still underway, meaning this story isn’t yet dead.