Pope Benedict XVI reportedly waved in the general direction of gay Catholics. Said Catholics seem to think this means something: “I thought it was a good chance for us to be seen and he obviously saw us and waved at us, so I think we got our message across.” And we’re sure it’s going to make a hell of a difference. [Wash Blade]

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  • Z.


  • emb

    He waves and smiles spasmodically in random directions. Like Terri Schiavo, these neural events should not be mistaken for signs of consciousness.

  • Dick Mills

    I wonder which finger he was waving at them?

    Dick Mills

  • foofyjim

    Why oh why do some of our misguided gay brothers and sisters want so bad to belong to organizations that simply don’t want them? Catholics, republicans, evangelicals, Oklahoma.

  • MikeNYC

    We want to belong. It’s very simple. But they do not want us so why invest the energy in them? Let us love those who love us…fuck the rest, my faggot brothers and sisters.

  • key

    Of course he waved at them during a parade, he was wearing a long white dress with gold trim and red shoes.
    Who do you think helps dress him?

  • CitizenGeek

    Even if he actually did notice the gay group, I doubt, very much, the wave meant anything other than being a polite gesture. He’s the Pope, descended from St. Peter, of course he’s going to show respect for every human, regardless of who they are. If Dignity thinks Ratzinger will ever change his opinion on homosexuality, they’re wrong. We’re going to have to wait until someone truly inspiration like Desmond Tutu gets elected by the college of cardinals for that.

  • Alex

    So glad PJ is gone! Ratzinger is 1000x better than that old Pole.

  • RC

    if they didn’t really care about their faith, they would have left already. but someone who really believes can’t just leave a church – it would be like excising a major part of who they are. for some, it would be just as hard as pretending to be straight. you can’t just up and decide not to be a Christian one day unless you have lost faith as well, because you would be able to feel your distance from God and from the church. and how is self-segregationist ideology really helping anyone?

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