Below The Belt

If the clothes make the man, then it’s the underwear that makes the homo. We’re the ones that started the twenty-dollar tighty whitey era, and we’re the ones that intend to keep it going. But, oh, what to wear down there?


Beyond the old standbys of Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, or the uber-gay 2xist, there are a whole host of newer, hotter brands to support you and your big (we hope) friend down there. We love Puma’s new line of athletic boxer-briefs, and we’re also fond of Wax brand’s skimmies, too (though, we must admit, more for the ad-campaign featuring The Real World’s Landon.

Papi is a line for all you hot Latin guys, or, rather, those of you who just love the Latin guys. And, if you’re feeling naughty (and you are) try something a little more adult from Hunkwear.

Brooke Shields never let anything come between her and her Calvins, Bill Clinton picked boxers over briefs, and Sisqo sang the virtues of the thong. So, what kind of underwear are you?

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