Ben Platt and Charlie Carver caught making out on camera

Ben Pratt music video still

Broadway star Ben Pratt just released the music video for his new single “Ease My Mind” off his upcoming solo album. The video is a gay love story that stars fellow out actor Charlie Carver as Pratt’s boyfriend.

The 25-year-old Tony Award winner tells People he’s excited to have the “first opportunity to represent my relationships and the men that I’ve loved.”

“I’ve been out since I was 12 years old to my family and anyone in my life. I’ve never sort of hidden that or been ashamed by it. It’s just part of me.”

Now, he’s sharing that part of himself with the world.

Pratt describes the album, which drops March 29, as “a roller coaster of a relationship that is an amalgam of the ones I’ve had.”

“I really felt like the only reason I wanted to do this was to try to do that authentically and have the opportunity to show myself sort of outside the context of characters.”

Asked about the video, he explains: “When we were conceptualizing this sort of loose narrative that we wanted to connect through the videos, there was not really any moment where we had to decide it should be about me and a man as opposed to anything else because it was just, ‘We’re going to represent what this was inspired by,’ which was this man that I was in love with. So it was really a no-brainer.”


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