Benedict Cumberbatch Missed Comic-Con To Officiate A Gay Wedding In Ibiza

cumberbatch-benedictDid anyone else notice that Benedict Cumberbatch (of Star Trek and Sherlock fame) was missing from San Diego Comic-Con last week?  Turns out he was doing something even cooler: officiating a gay wedding.

Aside from his name sounding like a parody of actual British names and his rabid fan-base of lady anglophiles — the Cumberbitches — ‘Batch can now be known for being a righteous celeb ally after marrying off a gay couple in Ibiza.

A pre-recorded video of the star was played at SDCC and he later explained that close friends of his, Seth Cummings and Rob Rinder, asked him to oversee their civil ceremony and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. As if anyone needed any more reasons to love him.

Interestingly, another guest of the wedding was controversial journalist, Julie Burchill, the transphobic writer who wrote an article which claimed that trans people were “a bunch of dicks in chicks clothing.” Even she had a blast, having grazed in the Cumberpatch.

Previously, Cumberbatch has been spotted touring Japan to promote the latest movie in the Star Trek franchise, Into Darkness. Before that, numerous photos of him dressed down in flip flops and denim shorts had popped up on gossip blogs, only making the pictures of him awkwardly bumbling about in a kimono more endearing.

Despite being straight (hey, no one’s perfect), Cumberbatch has not been shy about his support of the gay community and will play persecuted gay World War II hero Alan Turing in a drama titled The Imitation Game. He’ll also be playing espionage expert Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate, but if the acting thing doesn’t work out, Cumberbatch joked that after the wedding, he’ll be available for children’s parties and Bar Mitzvahs.

Ah, to be Cumbersnatched into manhood…

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  • B Damion

    He is a very cute white boy. He can get it.
    Hey boo….

  • Holly

    He’s also going to be playing Brian Epstein (manager of the Beatles) who was gay.

  • Adam


  • Charlie in Charge

    @Adam: Do try to keep up.

  • jwrappaport

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but here goes: my mother was right – he’s actually pretty sexy, especially in Sherlock.

  • balehead

    Very sexy…when is he coming out?…

  • pscheck2

    You ask, when is he coming out? Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this one, or on multiple others playing this game: “Oh, I am str8!- I just adore my gay friends, (ad nausea), etx., etc., . Zack Quinto(?) is an example of this deception, after years of denying he was gay he finally acknowledged he was just last year. This ‘game’ is also being played out in major sports (MLB-NFL-NHL) by some real icons, but the money is too good to jeopardize by coming out (understandable).

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