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Bette Midler Turns Miss Universe Gaffe Into Memorable Jab At Dubya


As every good gay knows, the Divine Miss M does not suffer fools gladly, nor does she pull punches. Last night during the most bizarro Miss Universe pageant ever, Bette Midler found the humor in host Steve Harvey accidentally naming Miss Colombia as the winner only to have to step up and announce he’d misread and Miss Philippines had won the crown and sash. These things happen. Well, not usually, but Midler remembered a similar occurrence 15 years ago that haunts us to this very day.

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Here’s her tweet:

This is hardly Bette’s first tweet inspired by political outrage. Back in August she drew a comparison between rocker Lenny Kravitz’s infamous peen slip and the GOP presidential debate.

The Divine One is going to make the coming election year much more tolerable.