Beyonce’s Queer Fans Can Wear Her Undergarments

beyonceHey, have you heard about this “Beyonce” lady? She seems pretty nice.

The singer is selling underwear, for some reason, and did her gay fans the courtesy of making the packaging queer-friendly.

You can get a boxed set of couples-undies for Valentine’s Day, with an option for couples that are two boys or two girls. For forty dollars (!) you can get some boxer shorts and “boy short panties” with the words “yours” and “mine” written on them.

The underwear also imbues the wearer with the magical power to become Beyonce and fight crime.

Of course, many gay couples just use each other’s underwear interchangeably — it’s that whole “doubling of the wardrobe” thing that makes LGBT romance so convenient.

But if you’re different sizes, or you’re just really into labels, now you can wear Beyonce’s declaration of ownership on your crotch. So, that’s handy.

Beyonce actually sells a surprising amount of clothing, including baby onesies and a tank top. She is best known for her singing and dancing.