Big Gay Road Trip: Edmonton

Who would’ve thought that we would find the highest concentration of talented drag queens in Edmonton, Alberta? Up until we left for this trip, we hadn’t even heard of Edmonton, which is the capital of the oil-rich province (we think of Alberta as the Texas of Canada), and we saw more quality drag in one evening there than we have seen anywhere else on our trip.


We were only in Edmonton for one night, but we kept busy and were determined to find fun even on a Sunday. We started out for Prism, Edmonton’s dyke bar, but the doors were locked and the few people inside did not hear our plaintive knocking, so we set out for The Roost, which we heard was a popular destination. While there was a decent crowd, when the show started, we were faced with this:



So we fled to Buddy’s with the help of some friendly gays with a car. Unfortunately we missed the variety show that evening, but got to chat with some of Edmonton’s finest queens. Pictured at top (from left to right) are Ruby, Vanity Fair, Binki, Krystall Ball, and GoDiva. Vanity and Binki were the hostesses of Stardust Lounge, the event that I missed but which happens every Sunday at Buddy’s.

The lovely queens showed us such nice hospitality, as did the mostly-naked barboys and some other cute local guys and girls, whose photos appear after the jump.

These bartenders only did this for the photo, maybe to cover up how well the one on the right filled out his briefs.

This photo reminds us of a gay Benetton ad.

These girls were being naughty all night.

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