Big Gay Road Trip: Mondragon


According to everyone we talked to, there are no gay coffeehouses in Winnipeg, which left us feeling very sad. It had been a few days since we had received our required dose of walking through the door of a cafe to have dozens of gay eyes simultaneous pierce and judge us. So we settled for the Mondragon: a cute anarchist cafe and bookstore that is exclusively vegan, unlike the place in Minneapolis. The bookstore is small, but has a queer section that even has a vaginal coloring book (don’t ask).


We love anarchists because of their strong principles: not bowing to “the man,” etc. But what do we love more than principles? Businesses that accept American Express, and thank goodness Mondragon took ours. We will be going back and bringing all of our capitalist, AmEx-bearing friends with us the next time we go to Winnipeg. See a couple more photos of the cafe after the jump.


This is the organic bicycle shop in the same building as Mondragon. Organic? Maybe all-natural. Perhaps “made by hippies” is the best term, but we would take our bike there for sure.

Mondragon Cafe and Bookstore [Official Site]

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