Big, Mysterious Roles For Professionally Straight Actors Tom Hardy + Hugh Jackman

From the Casting Dept. of Hot Hollywood Guys You Wish Would Ditch Their Wives: Broadway vet Hugh Jackman is set to star as magician Houdini in a musical penned by Aaron Sorkin, while sometimes-bisexual Tom Hardy has been offered a chance to play a vampire in Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, where the president learns his mother died at the hands of a vamp.

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  • EdWoody

    I helped Tom Hardy in my shop the other day. He was wearing tracky bottoms of the kind that make you want to pull them down and run away cackling. I resisted the urge.

  • McMike

    Um, does Queerty live in the real world? Who’s straight??? I don’t know much about Tom Hardy, but Hugh Jackman is not straight. He brought his boyfriend to the People’s Choice Awards last year and while I can’t find the picture of him holding his boyfriend’s hand anymore on the Google image search, Google does give “john palermo” as the alternate search on it’s image engine when “hugh jackman boyfriend” is Googled:

  • fizzydrink


    I think “professionally straight” means straight for PR purposes only. (And, in the case of Tom Hardy, he’s not even straight in that sense.)

  • mister chi

    “Professionally straight” lol.

  • afrolito

    Gay men and their desperate need to label everyone in Hollywood as gay. So sad.

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