WATCH: Meet Bill And John, A Loving Couple Together For 54 Years Who Never Got The Chance To Marry

William Campbell and John HIlton saw each other through seven decades of love, companionship and laundry. In “More Than Ever” — this short, touching video from Freedom to Marry — they reminisce about their 54 years together, most spent in the same Manhattan apartment. Sadly, Bill passed away in May 2011, seven weeks before New York legalized same-sex marriage. Named after the way Bill used to sign his letters to an enlisted John, “More Than Ever” is also a fitting way to describe the need for marriage equality now.


Photo: Right Side of History Tumblr

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  • GayTampaCowboy

    Great story!

  • ouragannyc

    very beautiful and very touching story.
    Those who keep saying gay men can’t build true relationships should watch that.

  • DarkZephyr

    @ouragannyc: AMEN. That is what I want in my life. Meaningless hookups are not it.

  • Charles175

    Stories like this are our best weapon against the lies of Fundamentalism.

  • Matt1961

    I didn’t start out today wanting to cry, this story so touched my heart.

  • elSac08

    @Matt1961: @Matt1961:
    That’s such a fitting comment; thanx. I totally appreciate that perspective!

  • queenrosered

    This was wonderfully moving.As a married hetero woman I can only imagine how very frustrating and maddening it is to same-sex couples who only want their basic civil rights to be recognized. True freedom can only be accomplished when minorities are no longer marginalized and treated as less than equal.We have a very close same-sex (male) couple who are greatest friends of ours and have been monogamously together now for over 35 years.Why should their union be any less recognized than my own? It shouldn’t. I’m truly hoping that the issue of same-sex unions is finally recognized as a civil right for ALL Americans by the SCOTUS in time for this loving couple to be wed and recognized in ALL states.
    As straight allies my husband and I will continue to support and be as vocal as need be until that day arrives. Peace and Love.

  • Stephen585

    This is what’s it all about. What is so wrong with having this relationship recognized as a marriage? This is what I want, nothing less, nothing more. This is what will destroy the fabric of marriage in America?…instead of spewing hate, embrace it, think of them as roles models that might help fix all those dysfunctional straight marriages that never had experienced that kind of “LOVE”. This is what we are fighting for… is so worth it!

  • daniwitz13

    I don’t believe that these two men did not Love one another and devoted to one another, but Love and Devotion cannot be measured and compared. Are they saying for all their lives together, People did NOT recognize them as a couple? Did not think that they Loved each other? 54 Years? Are they saying that their Love was not meaningful without a piece of Paper? That without that Paper, they could NOT be happy? That, that paper denied them the real Love they could of had? If that is the case, then they did NOT have a real Love together. It was a hollow Love. Is this how it works. You don’t get something others happen to have, you can’t really Love? I know this is slightly different, but this is like saying we need to become billionaires or our Love is Lacking something. Too bad he had to die before we became one. Oh,well. Are their Love being compared with a piece of Paper? The same Paper that some dysfunctional Straight Marriages have according to the above comment? That he couldn’t give his partner complete Love without that piece of Paper. That his Love is not complete without that Paper. What’s wrong with this Picture? Pity.

  • Paul F

    I guess our 20 years together ain’t squat when compaired to this… though we’re still waiting too for equality to reach here in Flori-duh. Here’s to the hope that the supreme court does the correct thing this month.

  • queenrosered

    @daniwitz13: You definitely appear to be missing the whole point dear.It is NOT “just a piece of paper”…Yes, their love is still VERY REAL. But along with legally recognized marriage comes over 1,000 benefits that are denied to same-sex couples because they are NOT recognized as legally wed by the FEDERAL Government of the United States of America.It’s all well and good to “get married” in a State that embraces it but the real triumph will come when EVERY married couple, straight OR gay (this includes of course lesbians) have ALL the same legal/financial rights and responsibilities nationwide.NOTHING LESS is, nor should be acceptable.Period.

  • dre23222

    This was so wonderful. Wow, you just dont see relationships like that.. Made me cry…

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