Bill O’Reilly Isn’t Sure Whether He’s Going to Take Down Christine O’Donnell Yet

Bill O’Reilly insists he’s got some “crazy stuff” that Christine O’Donnell has spewed on his show in the past. Crazier than her witchcraft claims and calling homosexuality an “identity disorder”? Bring it on, Billy.

While conservative leaders like Karl Rove and, yes, O’Reilly figure out whether they are going to truly support O’Donnell or stab her in the back and lose Delaware’s Senate seat, the Fox News host is on the fence about whether he’s going to pull a Bill Maher and drudge up old clips of O’Donnell to slime her: “She’s been on this program a couple of times, and we have some kind of crazy stuff that she said. We’re not going to play it yet. I don’t think it’s relevant yet. We’d still like Ms. O’Donnell to come on The Factor. I’m not in the business of [injuring] her. I’d like to see if she’s the better candidate.”

Yeah, don’t show America what this woman’s record look like, because that would be unfair!