Billionaire David Geffen And Studly Boy Toy Break Up, Causing Newspaper To Name-Drop Grindr

A few days ago, 69-year-old media mogul David Geffen broke up with Jeremy Lingvall, his 27-year-old muscle hunk boyfriend of six years, reports Dot429.

The Daily News notes that Lingvall “deactivated his Facebook account on Tuesday following reports that the hunky deejay and the 69-year-old billionaire media mogul had parted ways after six years.”

The cheeky News added, “We wonder if the newly single Lingvall will resurface on Grindr. There are quite a few guys out there who have their fingers crossed.”

Wait, did a paper of record just casually name-drop Grindr, without explaining what it is to their suburban NYC audience? Progress.

Lest you think Lingvall might end up on the streets without access to sugar daddy’s pursestrings, he does has some gainful employment as a DJ. He landed a plum spot as a vocalist on the Scissor Sister’s latest single, “Shady Love,” and collaborates frequently with the Sisters’ front man Jake Shears on a DJ duo outfit called Crystal Pepsi.

And with his stunning good looks, we’ll sure some modeling gigs couldn’t be too hard to come by.

Click through to reminisce through pictures of hunky Lingvall in years past.

All photos via Facebook

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  • Joseph

    Just an editing comment change Siter’s to Sister’s

  • Drew P. Weiner

    Gee I wonder why Jeremy was dating Geffen.mmmmmm
    could it be the money are that hot 69 year old droppy body (eww)

  • MEJ

    Did David Geffen suddenly lose all his money?

  • Nick

    lol @ crystal pepsi

  • CBRad

    The wealthy Jewish gay and his hunky Gentile boytoy. The old Studio Hollywood tradition continues…

  • John

    How fucking gross! I could never be offered enough money to be in such a humiliating situation. Imagine walking in a room, ANY room…whether it be the White House or a Taco Bell and everyone instantly recognizing that you’re essentially a prostitute. This is sickening.

  • William

    When you think about, especially the six years part, this guy at the age of 21 (Or 20 depending on exactly when they got together) was dating a 62 year old man.

    Where does Geffen go from here?

  • CBRad

    @John: Well…it’s not THAT gross, come on. It’s been going on all through history. One of the benefits (?) of being wealthy, and….they both get what they want out of it.

  • Pitou

    @CBRad: Agreed!
    I will say that I’d try it. I would gladly entertain a wealthy gentleman per some mutually beneficial agreement. Who knows? The old man might actually grow on me :-)
    I mean.. Gurl please, to have ANYTHING you want!?!
    Also you can’t possibly think this boy didn’t have, or that they both did’t have boyfriends/toys on the side?

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    If memory serves, young Mr. Lingvall is well-educated and comes from a family with money and has an independent income in addition to his music and DJ-gigs. So no danger of a shared studio apartment and a case of Ramen noodles in his future…

  • CBRad

    @Ted B. (Charging Rhino): That’s the best way to do it. Be a millionare yourself and then get a sugardaddy who’s a billionare.

  • geoff

    @William: to the grave

  • Eric in Chicago

    Some of you show a lack of knowledge – there are many hot young men who like Silver Daddies (and Bears and other non typical types). It’s their sexual preference and what they’re into. Yes this seems like a money situation and maybe it was. The sad part is without gay marriage – the rich guy can just toss the young guy out when he gets bored. At least THE DONALD has to pay off his b*tches.

  • Oh, ok.

    I wonder how his parents feel about him being a prostitute to the highest bidder.

    I mean it’s certainly not an accomplishment to bend over for new sneakers.

  • CBRad

    @Eric in Chicago: That’s a fair point, and is true (about varied sexual tastes). There even used to be (when NYC was still interesting) two bars that catered to young guys (not hustlers) who had a thing for elderly guys (grandfather fetishes). But, in this case, I doubt that’s it. David Geffen ain’t exactly George Peppard.

  • James

    What could the two of them have in common?Thats like dating ur grandfather.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Since I am older than Geffen by three months, I can say: The feeling is mutual!

    At 27years old, the boy toy has a very firm ass, but nuthin upstars. I wonder what they talked about afterwards?

  • CBRad

    I actually think age differences don’t always matter, at least as friends. Even in my 20’s I’ve had friends of all ages, invcluding guys in their 70’s. Ex. : We both liked the same movies. The only difference is that they saw them in the theatre when they first came out, and I saw them on TCM.

  • Mk_ultra_again

    Oh my Gawd that man is beautiful.
    I’m talking about Geffen.
    Okay I’m really talking about that gorgeous creature he was dating.
    But Geffen isn’t that bad either, I guess )

  • FunMe

    Do all sugar daddy’s get rid of their “boyfriends” the closer they get to 30? Let’s see … guy was hooked up with an older “gentleman” when he was 21. It’s now 6 years later and he’s now 27. Oh wait! I forgot, the 7 year itch was approaching, too.

  • Oh, ok.

    @FunMe: Could also be that baby boy finally wanted to leave the nest and actually start dating before he’s alone at 69 paying someone to be in his bed.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @CBRad: Give your racism, bigotry, and xenophobia a rest, and stop being a jerk.

  • CBRad

    @The Real Mike in Asheville: When you give your extremist political-correctness a rest, then I’ll consider it.

  • Cam

    So he became old enough to develop a mind of his own and got dumped for it.

    These couples, like Geffen and this guy, Calvin Klein and his porn actor, or Hugh Heffner and whatever it is he’s dating right now just look ridiculous.

    It’s just like holding out a sign that says “Hey World, I have to pay people to get laid!”

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @CBRad: Well, its pretty fucked up, and that means you are pretty fucked up, to consider that not being a racist is somehow just being politically correct. And if it is, I’ll hardily be PC then instead of being the vile racist you are.

  • Anonymous Woman

    I think you’re right here! The boiz of summer have always been able to snag the rich ones in Malibu. But really, now that David Geffen is *completely gay* what is a nice girl going to do?

  • CBRad

    @Anonymous Woman: Oh, well…..plenty of hetero men of that age looking for the same..

  • John Young

    Personally I think David Geffen is the hotter of the two.

  • nicoinnz

    What will David Geffen do now? o hullo. For every one Jeremy Lingvall there are scores of ready, willing and more than able to fill the breach. Doesn’t have to be American remember. Far dishier boys from Spain, Brazil, African continent, New Zealand etc etc etc….A billionaires world literally covers the world.

  • Toby Ross

    A friend/model was flown to his mansion from here in Kansas in lieu of $1000, soon as the door closed he was approached with French kiss a la deep tongue and my bud hated the experience and went back home. He (DG) is very “BIG”…when he was younger I would have done him in a NY minute…now its gone a bit of the deep end.

  • Toby Ross

    Well to all you guessers and theoreticians, David Geffen is supposedly hung like a horse (cut), now why can’t that count in a s a motive?

  • Toby Ross

    Geffen has a thick 10″ dick (I know that from reliable sources) so does anyone still think he is a troll or are you going through a change of mind?
    I thought when he was younger he was extremely hot, cute little Jewish nerd which is always lots of fun.
    His BF is just another Hollywood beauty, seen 1000s of them.

  • captainburrito

    @John: I think that too but then on the other hand i’m like… why do i give it out for free? Imagine if i could charge!

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