Biological Differences.

Upon hearing Justin Timberlake described as “hunky,” Mollygood editor Cord Jefferson wonders, “We thought “hunky” was reserved for guys like Vin Diesel and Harrison Ford. Isn’t Justin Timberlake more like a cute hall monitor?” Oh, come now, Cord – Timberlake’s at least an adorable lab partner. Maybe even a soccer player? [MG]

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  • faghag

    you can call him hunky if you wish, but to me he’ll always be a twat.

  • Woof

    If you are going to call NPH a “dreamboat” we can certainly call JT a hunk. NPH dreamboat – bleh.

  • faghag

    NPH is a dreamboat.

  • Tom D Frog

    Hunk…HELL YES! No he is not built like an Ape like Vin Diesel but I feel hunk is more than just muscles (which Justin has PLENTY of!). Hot bod dripping with masculinity with a pretty smile and sparkling eyes…sounds like Justin. Plus he is smart.

    No, he is not Tom Selleck or Rock Hudson in physical stature but he is still a hunk. An amazingly talented and “nice” hunk! I would be a blithering idiot if I were ever in his presence.


  • foofyjim

    Cute? Sure.

    Sexy? I would say yes, but to each his own.

    Hunky? No. He would definitely have to be thicker to be a hunk.

  • Darth Paul

    I think Faghag put it perfectly.

  • Cam

    Um, he’s like 5ft 6in, weighs about 140lbs, and fakes a “Ghetto” accent even though he came from southern Belle Country…..hunky? No

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Mollygood (which no-one cares about) Editor Jefferson Cord just has to admit that he’s OLD. Harrison Ford, really? While not a JT fanatic, it’s probably a well-cultivated persona. Just admit he’s not your type. It sure must be a slow celebrity day… Oh, Good Golly – Miss Molly, What’s Li-LO doing?

  • Jake

    Justin is 6’1″ tall.

  • mark

    Harrison Ford??

    Cord really is a grandpa-f*cker.
    Timberlake may not be Steve Kelso, but he’s manly enuf 4 me.

  • Cam


    Publicists routinely lie about the clients age and heights. So unless Cameron Diaz is 6ft tall herself there is no way that he is 6ft 1in since in their pictures they were nearly always eye to eye.

  • afrolito

    Justin is 6’1″, and anyone who has seen him live can attest to that.

    Cord Jefferson is supposedly straight, so why is he even pondering whether Justin is “hunky”?
    He is btw.

  • logan767

    the label hunky is given to anyone a publicist has interest in promoting. notice how we are made to believe that people are beautiful just because the media is paid to say so?

  • donsnyc

    Justin threw Janet Jackson under the bus. That to me is NOT hunky. He is a pussy.

  • michael

    He looks like your typical inbred southern boy to me and not a hunky one at that.

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