Pig Out

Bisexual Boar Falls Hard for Stunned Bull on Southern Swedish Farm

In an case of bisexual and interspecies love that could make Rick Santorum’s head explode, a boar called Kalle has become irresistibly smitten with one of his Swedish farm mates, a breeding bull named Sune Mangs.

The unrequited love affair began about a year ago on the Källunda farm in Häglinge in Sweden’s southern Skåne region, when Kalle spotted Sune in a nearby pasture and jumped a fence to be near him.

Kalle then “started to court” Sune — “or rather, tried to mount him,” farmer Magnus Nyman tells Swedish news site The Local. “The bull was very embarrassed.”

Though Sune is apparently far more interested in heifers than male pigs, Kalle’s lust is unflappable, and he chases after his would-be bull lover every chance he gets.

“His eyes say everything,” Nyman told his local newspaper, Skånskan. “He is as bisexual as they come.”

Nyman is bemused by the barnyard romance, especially since Kalle also fulfills his farmic duties as a sow seducer. Besides, says the farmer, Sune’s bullish charms are clearly hard to resist.

“He is elegant, the most handsome bull around,” says Nyman. “The pig certainly has shown he has a good taste in bulls.”

Images by Muffet and overgraeme