Both Ways

Bisexual Guys Are So In Right Now. Discuss


QUEERTY SELECTS — Lady bisexuality ruled the 90s. So why is dude bisexuality seemingly ruling the 2000s? Sex columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel explores bromances, man dates, man crushes, and all sorts of guy-on-guy affection that isn’t necessarily gay. Does it mean anything that Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck can create a music video about anal sexing each other — and it’s considered funny, not grotesque? That I Love You Man and this summer’s Humpday (about two dudes who make porn together) are fare for the cineplex — and not the adult cineplex? Queerty readers have already shared their thoughts on bisexual guys (and whether they even exist). But is the pop culture phenomenon reflective of actual sex culture? [The Daily Beast] (Photo: BiMaxx)