(Of Course It's In Massachusetts)

Black Lesbian Makes History in Massachusetts

Denise Simmons entered the record books today. The Cambridge, Massachusetts city council voted Monday to install Simmons as their mayor, making her the first black lesbian mayor in American history.

City councilors voted Monday night to make Denise Simmons the new mayor of Cambridge.

Simmons, a member of the council since 2001, is the second consecutive mayor who is black and openly gay. She is the first woman to serve as the city’s mayor since Sheila Russell held the office from 1996-1997.

Councilors voted Brian Murphy vice-mayor.

“It feels really great,” Simmons said. “When I first came to the School Committee, one of the things I always said was that I wanted to be mayor.”

Alright, it’s great that Simmons won the seat – congratulations! – but we’d be more psyched if she were in Texas or some place. Now that would be incredible. Cambridge city council electing a black lesbian? Not as unbelievable.